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Memorial of May 18

[b][u]The Memorial Of May 18[/u][/b]

On May 18, 2020, Ancapstandian forces opened fire on 800,000 unarmed civilians from [nation]The Municipalities of Antarctica[/nation] during a protest against military movements in the Antarctican-Ancapstandian border after one of the protesters allegedly opened fire. All 800,000 protesters unfortunately perished, and this event led to [b]The War against Ancapstands[/b], which led to the nations fall.

The May 18 memorial is a marble gazebo in the city of Frozen Lake, which is geographically the San Medician city closest to Antarctica. Inside the unassuming gazebo one can find the name of all 800,000 victims engraved on the pillars, roof, and even the floor.