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The People's Extragalactic Armed Force

Planetary Force

The Voopmontian planetary force is the least technologically developed of the military branches due to their only frequent deployment being in less developed worlds with less capacity to handle destruction. It still outdated warfare like tanks, fighter jets and infantry, although adds a touch of Voopmontian technology to it for a more modern force. It perfectly combines quantity and quality by using Voopmont's highly advanced technology and the military's humungous size to be almost unmatched in standard ground and air combat. As almost all infantry are technically foreigners, the army makes sure to minimize casualties to maintain its strong and respected international image. Most conflicts it takes part in are elimination of terrorists or liberation from oppressive regimes. Ground troops are trained in the most effective forms of defensive, offensive, lethal and nonlethal hand-to-hand combat and are taught about the most popular forms of it for close range superiority. Their armour can take direct hits from modern tanks and minimize damage from it to light fractures or bruises. Training regimes include martial arts, environmental awareness training, marksmanship training, physical training, strategic training and more. Standard infantry rifles are silenced to 20 decibels using quiet railgun tech, and use the same bullets as drones. They can also shoot EMP rounds, which disable any lightly defended electronics such as phones and IEDs within a 40 meter radius and explode on impact. Handguns have 3 types of ammunition, having only the explosive ones convert their mass into energy. The other two types are standard and armour piercing. Armour piercing is made for the specific purpose of getting past heavy units, and can snipe enemies from the other side of a tank or concrete wall by only transforming the back into kinetic energy and boosting it. Standard bullets only fire the shell around the tip to save physical space. The pistol is silenced to 10 decibels. Both light and heavy tanks function similarly, the main differences being armour and ammunition size. They have railgun main turrets which add a small EMP effect to the rounds, which can either explode on impact or maintain full force. They use electromagnetic repulser shields as a first layer of armour, making them vulnerable to high intensity EMPs. Their physical armour is powerful enough to shake off shots from heavy 21st century tanks with minimal damage. They all have full-auto sniper turrets installed on the tops for dealing with smaller weight class units. They do not require a crew to operate. Long range assault tanks focus on offence much more than defence, being made for assault from afar. They are equipped with rockets capable of toppling medium sized buildings and can acquire targets using either radar, infrared, or disturbances in sound circulation. Their main guns fire with less original force than other tanks although the ammunition mixes the rear energy conversion technique of handgun armour piercing bullets with even more explosiveness than that of heavy tanks, resulting in almost perfect accuracy, the most powerful tank shot in the universe and huge splash damage. They do not have personal shields, although are usually deployed with a one way force field generator, making them exclusively suited for long ranged bombardment. Aircraft carriers serve the purpose that their name describes, they're used as mass transport hubs for drones and fighters. They remain afloat using nuclear fusion propeller arrays underneath and magnetic stabilization.



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