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[a specop is an agent-initiated intel mission, usually named after animals with some connection to water--fish, waterfowl, etc.]

time: in the weeks between the WCQ draw and the actual tournament

Chris McGee passed along a note to the Prime Minister requesting a couple of minutes privately following the conclusion of the Cabinet meeting that was underway. She nodded to him after reading the message, and when all the business was complete, she waved him through to the office adjacent to the Cabinet Room on the 3rd Floor of Parliament House.
"We've had overtures to initiate contact from an unknown person or persons in Maccian who have intimated that they are opposed to the current government. From the references given, it appears that there's a South Toronto connection, as there are mentions of knowledge of visits to Sportsmen's Park & President's Park for soccer matches."

McGee is the Chief of Security, the top civilian in charge of the National Guard, which includes the Commonwealth Intelligence Service.

"That's some pretty specialized knowledge, I would say. What do we know about connections between the two nations?" Rebecca Schoenlein didn't want to start getting into domestic disputes in a nation on Baker Park's back porch.

[I'm assuming that you still have a claim, or want to make clear that we are neighbors? This would be how I would RP the intent to wade in on a covert basis, mainly to assess the situation and go forward]

"Still working on that, but it seems complicated. I think 2B could smoke out some more info along this soccer angle."
('2B' is the companion section to the CIS; it's a counter-intelligence department, so in this case, it would be an advance contact to make sure this was legit.)

Moving ahead in the narrative:

Knight--who would use an alias from the start--would operate above board, either as a BP national representing a company--in this case as a 'privateer' or a licensee to get access and negotiate deals with either government, quasi-government or private business looking to get investment from Baker Park--or a Maccian national (or even a national of some other country entirely).

In the Banijan story, 'Gabriel Ndume' was the territory distribution manager for the BCEL warehouse, which was the main hub of the CIS operation in the country, working to undermine the political structure with the tacit approval of the Royal Family.

He encourages some 'patriotic' supporters of the corrupt PM to make an attempt to blow up a Baker Park Naval ship blockading Istria harbor, and once he gets them actually underway to do the deed, he folds up shop--at least his presence there--and disappears into the ether. The miscreants are caught (ambushed), they have no legitimate alibi--"no Gabriel Ndume has ever worked for the BCEL, here or anywhere"--and everyone lives happily ever after. LOL

We don't even do aggressive, proactive intelligence ops for any other reason than we like to see what we can get away with. :) If there's a genuine evil or corrupt regime that can be ousted, all the better.

Yeah, I'm a bit too involved in detail. You use any of this you want or none of it. Go in the direction YOU want. I will follow your lead, b/c I actually do better that way.