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New Benelux Government (Fantasy) - (2022-2029)

King : Philippe of Belgium
Prime Minister : Kevin Christian
Minister of Royal Affairs and Royal Chief of Staff : Andrew Vandenbruwaene
Cabinet Secretary : Matisse Adren
Minister of Foreign Affairs : Michiel Arthur Jr.
Minister of Finance : Sarah Bokke
Minister of Defence : Joseph Peeters
Attorney General : Veronika Claes
Minister of Home Affairs : Andre Meijer
Minister of Agriculture : Connor Maes
Minister of Trade : Aenea Mertens
Minister of Manpower : Liam Janssens
Minister of Health : Marie Wouters
Minister of Social Welfare and Veteran Affairs : Daniel Bacquelaine
Minister of Environment and Conservation of Living Natural Resources : Marie-Christine Marghem
Minister of Energy and Non-Living Natural Resources : Maggie De Block
Minister of Housing and Urban Development : Nathalie Muylle
Minister of Industry and Community Based Business Development : Daan Alexander
Minister of Transportation : François Bellot
Minister of Education : Lisa - Marie De Smet
Minister of Communication and High Technology Development : Philippe De Backer
Minister of State Security and Press Affairs : Alexander De Croo
Minister of Tourism and Maritime Development : Smith Degryse
Head of National Intelligence : Pieter De Crem
New Benelux Ambassador to the Lands End and World Assembly : Philippe Goffin