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[b]Name of your nation:[/b] The Commonwealth of Australia

[b]Location:[/b] Australia (and territories), New Zealand (and territories), Papua New Guinea, Timor Island, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Nauru

[b]Capital City:[/b] Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

[b]Demographics (Ethnicity):[/b] 58% Australian, 21% British/Irish, 7% other, 5% Polynesian, 5% Other, 3% Melanesian, 3% Chinese, 1.5% Indian, 1.4% Indigenous (Mainland)

[b]Demographics (Religion):[/b] 52.1% Christianity, 30.1% No religion, 2.6% Islam, 2.4% Buddhism, 1.9% Hinduism, 0.5% Sikhism, 0.4% Judaism, 0.4% Other

[b]Population :[/b] 43 million

[b]Economics:[/b] $2.13 trillion ($48.837) 

[b]Head of State:[/b] President David Hurley

[b]Head of Government:[/b] Prime Minister Tony Abbott

[b]Government type:[/b] Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic

[b]Brief history of your nation:[/b] [spoiler: History (simple timeline)]
Jan 25, 1778: Australia colonised by the United Kingdom

Jan 1, 1901: Federation signed in Melbourne. The colonies of Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Fiji.

July 28, 1914-November 11, 1918: WW1

August 30, 1914: Samoa [url=]annexed[/url]
PNG massacre = 3.6 million killed
GDP p/c= 15k (PNG was 'Australianised' from 1945 - 1983) [/spoiler]

[b]Previous Roleplay Experience:[/b] [Please Designate the following - Novice, Intermediate, [b]Experienced[/b], Very Experienced]

[b]Flag:[/b] [url=]TBD[/url]