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Royal Proclamation: Holy Princess Sarah J. Vader Declares Extension To Regency

Greetings Loyal Citizens of [nation]Glorious Ascension[/nation] & of our Sister-realm, [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation],

As you all know, following the untimely deaths of my mother and father in 2005 and 2006 respectively, our dominion was left without a ruler due to my youth and the regency was bestowed to Holy Emperor Adam J. Vader of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation], who although is biologically my second cousin, is more like a loving uncle and father-figure to me. As you are all well aware, he has done an exceptional job of ruling the nation while I come of age. As I am fast approaching the age where I may claim my throne, 20 years of age, with my Birthday in December, I have come to a decision. I have found that I have much of the world yet to learn and I find that I am not yet ready to rule, so, as is my right by my birth nearly 20 years ago, I hereby proclaim that the regency of his Royal Imperial majesty, Adam J. Vader, is to be maintained until I find myself ready to rule. 

I truly believe this to be the best decision for our great nation of [nation]Glorious Ascension[/nation] and be assured, I will continue to take an active role as I continue to learn the ways of a truly great leader of her people in the hopes of being a strong and powerful Holy Empress when I do ascend to the throne. I wish you all the Lord's blessings and thank you for your support! May God bless [nation]Glorious Ascension[/nation], myself and Lord Regent Adam J. Vader!

Signed, 25th May Anno Domini 2020,

Her Royal Highness, Sarah Jane Vader, Holy Princess of [nation]Glorious Ascension[/nation], Grand Duchess of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation] and so on and so on and so on.

In Christ the Lord Faithful, his Royal Imperial Majesty, Adam John Vader, Holy Emperor of [nation]Dominant Oppressors[/nation], Lord Regent & Grand Duke of [nation]Glorious Ascension[/nation], King of [nation]Xukong[/nation], Duke of [nation]New Jewlan[/nation] and so on and so on and so on