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World Assembly Proposal: Security Council - ”Commend Olympia”

Security Council,

Realizing that the region, Olympia has been in NationStates for quite some extent and steadily grows as time passes and has thrived in an honorable manner and with democratic intentions such as freedom of elections for president and vice-president on the regional forum every month;

Seeing that Olympia are also selfless because before the region launched a new forum, the region’s administration asked the Olympian nations within what the nations within would love in the forum via a survey shows that the region does not exclude the nations within and are open to ideas as well as a very not ill-mannered regional message board tells you that the region throws conflict out the door and lastly that there are no restrictions to which nation can enter, tells you the region are friendly for any nation to join in and be hospitably welcomed;

Acknowledging these great intentions for Olympia from the regional administration and how the decisions made in the region always contributes to the region in a positive manner;

Thus hereby commends Olympia.

I call onto all WA Delegates to please approve the proposal ”Commend Olympia” Olympia, they are so welcoming and fair in democracy and are so considerate to the other nations within the region. The thing that strikes me most about them is, is that they allow any nation to come in with no expectations!