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Laws & Policies in East Carelia ( Society )

You found something that seems to be a page torn from some important book. It's dirty. People around you have concerned expressions.

The following laws apply to every resident of East Carelia, Citizen or visitor as well, except in special cases mentioned below:

Organ Harvest: This law doesn't apply to citizens of another country such as visitors, refugees, etc.

If an East Carelian/a stateless resident dies and organ harvest is possible ( thanks to cerebral death ), the family has no right to claim the body and its organs will be retrieved for medical purposes. Once the organs have been harvested, the family can dispose of the body through usual means ( cremation/burial...)

Regulations on personal dressing:

Public and private schools have a specific dress-code which is either implemented by the state or the school. In 99% of cases it consists of a whole uniform (which price is striclty regulated by the state) although coloured ribbons policies also exist.
Private Schools must submit a formular in order to receive the state's agreement to implement their personal uniforms.
It is highly forbidden to wander in public spaces wearing indecent ( or no ) clothes, this applying to kids of any age, persons of any genders except if mentioned below, which are as following:

-No underwear under the clothes. The police is not allowed to verify and thus accusations can only be made based on unfortunate direct evidences.
-In underwear only ( except on the beaches/swimming pools )
-topless ( For both gender, except on the beaches/swimming pools for men )
-Barefoot ( except on the beaches, squares or while swimming )
-Outrageous outfits such as extra-large hats, shirts allowing to see the belly button, sleeveless shirts, short trousers or any bottom clothing smaller than 30 centimeters in leg length ( counting from the waist ).
-Delibarate Drag-queening/Disguising in order to appear as a member of the other sex.
-Delibarately wearing trousers or shirts with holes in them, with the intention to make it appear as a fashion.
-Wearing a hat in public buildings, except if your work requires to.
-Wearing dresses or shirts with low-cut neckline for females.
-Wearing flip-flops.

Remark: It is crucial to remind that citizens can enjoy wearing/or not wearing whatever outfits they want in the comfort of their own home.

It seems that these regulations are not enforced anymore and any accusations on such behalfs are currently rejected.

Regulations on physical contact sports:

This law has been repealed and every sport is legal as long as it doesn't intefere with government policies.
If a new sport is to be implemented in East Carelia, the government needs to deliver an Act of Agreement for the specific sport.

Mandatory sex-education:

Sex-education in school is mandatory, despite religious or moral beliefs, and any children aged 12 should attend such courses in biology class.