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The new Amerika

When the war of independence was clear that it could not be won rather only held out the young nation and its people decided to leave their homeland. Thus on in 1593 on the 8th of February, the first 11 ships landed in what is now the Hudson Valley, Delaware bay was they started to set up the first settlements and infrastructure for the expected waves of settlers, these first arrivals were not more than 470 people most of the masons, craftsmen and soldiers all were there to carve out early settlements. These were spread out along the east coast with major settlements being in the Hudson Valley, Delaware bay, Jamestown, but most notable Nieuw Vlaanderen, Pennsylvania which would later form into new Virginia.

Meanwhile, in the low countries, all offensive operations were halted and the riches were of the young nation were still there. Despite losing militarily it still was rich using that wealth one of the largest fleets in the history of Europe was constructed over a period of 15 years, during which a fleet of 482 ships were constructed with 340 being transports, 42 being warships, 82 being heavy cargo ships that transported goods and equipment. These ships in the period of 15 years and up until 1631 when the last wave went into the ships and headed to America’s. It was thus that for the Dutch people which in fact consisted of Hollanders, Zeelanders, Jews protestants from all across Europe. These numbers of the new settlers that arrived in their new homeland soon began to expand their communities and in 1621 the largest of these new communities being Nieuw Yorkers (New York) named after the mayor of the first ship of settlers that arrived in the Hudson Valley, this man by the name of Jorkman or York overtime.

The early years 1590-1640

The early years were marked with something of a great built and near-constant arrival of settlers from the low countries and various german states and English protestants. All were part of the great Exodus which saw nearly 2/3rd of the peoples from the low countries This meant that the small communities spread across the east coast, mostly centred in the northeastern part of the east coast, expanded rapidly. This was marked with small towns tripling in size in terms of population in just 10 years. These towns started to have communities around their towns and increased deforestation with more and more settlers tracking inland. Something was marked that it seemed that due to the great exodus more babies were born in this new open land that was ripe for the taking. These early years saw such a high population boom that many families ran out of the land which resulted in many younger sons and their wives heading into the country which helped the expansion of the Dutch or now slowly forming Amerikaner people to expand.

This all happened without any central goverment at first it was just based around towns and many smaller city-states emerged. It was only around 1599 when the republican rulers arrived and then began to set up a new goverment. This new goverment was heavily federated due the simple fact that the distances did not allow a centralized goverment. This new federated goverment at first did have a lot of power outside of handling conflicts between the colonies and have a limited united defence. That was what was noted that despite their differences many peoples in the colonies set aside their differences for the greater good wanting to prevent that their new Eden their new home country would not be overrun like the low countries. Thus many opted for a united defence which was the main goal but that united defence laid the foundations of the country that would be the United American Provinces. It was not until 1640 that the U.A.P. really began to form into something that was noted as a country.

the foundation era and recovery from the great crossing

In 1591, the first wave ships filled with early settlers and masons, craftsman and artisans with the purpose of establishing permanent settlements in North America, and build the early homes for the new settlers and the coming great exodus. In 1607, the Settling Company established a permanent colony at Jamestown on the Chesapeake Bay, The settlements in the Hudson valley the Town and later city of Nieuw York (named after the captain of the ship that brought them there). The early settlers at Jamestown, Nieuw York, Pennsylvania and Boston. faced extreme adversity. By 1612 despite all of this the early settlements which grew rapidly due to the near-constant arrival of settlers and a large population boom, these new settlements had edged a home out for themself, these settlements were varied in their size and location but overtime these settlements got connected via roads and better mapping and shipping. It was thus that with many more people being born and arriving there was not enough land more people started tracking inland. This also saw the first colonization and heavy settlement of the entire as far as the modern-day Ohio province.

This Trent was carried out across the east coast and slowly but surely the settlements started to expand. This made for random towns often along rivers and thus created interconnectivity with one another. this allowed for a common defence which once the Republican goverment arrived in 1603 a new Goverment was formed for this new nation. At first, it was marked with nothing more than a common defence pact and that the new federal goverment would handle disputes between the colonies. Overtime its power grew and it aided in the growth of wealth of the young nation, this included a set of charters for companies to explore the interior and develop them. This brought a great amount of wealth to the young nation as well as overtime aided in the rapid development and expansion of the nation her area that was inhabited.

It was by 1613 that the new goverment knew that it would need a centralised area thus a new city was to be founded. It was then that the current Raadspensionaris George Roosevelt decided upon a location near the Pontiac river which was not yet fully explored but along the river and the Ohio river many settlements and a great river for trade thus a new city was to be built and overtime when it was built the new so-called Statuut van federatie or convention of the federation founding the U.A.P. on the 19th of December 1613, it played out the basics of the powers of the federal goverment and the powers of the provinces and most of all who was able to vote and religious freedom. This was played out in simple documents which allow something unique to the Americans, more people came in and were easily integrated through a system of migration which made any new setters live in Amerikaner area’s for 10 years and only then move into the interior to expand the nation and add to it.