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by The Galactic empire of Neuer Deutsches Reich. . 72 reads.

Idea for mass RP event (order 66)

What if, all active RP nations get involved into a great war. The NDR and multiple allies invade the Pacific, but are being pushed back.(after RL day 1>) The kaiser initiates Order 66, starting pro-NDR revolutions in the enemy nations and super nations like TFGO surprise attack the coalition and support the NDR. After billions dead and lots of fighting, the coalition surrenders to the galactic empire of Neuer Deutsches Reich and its glorious allies. (2 days RL)

This continues for a while (2 weeks or so RL), until rebels start fighting back and liberating the people of the Pacific, eventually defeating the ruling empires and bringing peace back to the Region. ( 1 week or so RL)

this idea is very raw