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by The Kingdom of Van Demons Land Tasmania. . 34 reads.

THE WESTERN ISLES- Van Demons Land Tasmania

The Western Isles have been inhabited for over 6000 years. The Vikings invaded in the 9th century and today many place names are of Norse origin. Gaelic and English are both spoken. The Isle of Lewis and The Isle of Harris still retain some of their history and culture going back over 6000 years.

I have a very special name my grand father left Scotland as work was limited. So he travel to a greater land with a lot of work and promise its called Australia the old name Van Demons land which is currently called Tasmania.The name I have Is "Harris" my grand father came from the "Isle of Harris".This is why my nation is called Van Demons Land Tasmania.

It a place I have never been but always thought of.

That is why I'm happy to role play in "The Western Isles" I legally can live there as I grand father came directly from there. I like to settle in a small block of HARRIS something I could claim in real. But happy to role play it.

So due to my close bond please do not put me in any other place than "HARRIS"


Looking at the home I have purchased a simple home, as I have travelled alone. I look over the sea and think of my homeland and my future dreams sipping on a glass of scotch and smiling.

I have been active for about a year found some region's I liked but not fell in love with.

I hope this is the region I can love hopefully the people and I can work together with the special real bond I have for the place.

I am skilled in "Factbook" as you can tell. I love going on Discord and communicating with others.

I love debating and politics and would enjoy being in a polical party. My thinking is "Centre Right". I believe business needs to be successful. But also beleave in looking after the public.

I have past experience as a "Foreign Affair Minister" which I enjoyed.

I am a member of the "World Assembly" and would value all nations endorsements. This shows a friendly environment and is important as a new member starts out.

I hope you all like my history I'm just a simple man that has dreams and ideas and wants to be successful.

I hope this get me a small spot on "Harris" in MAPS.

Only time will tell.

David Harris