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by The Potato-Poet of The Salaxalans. . 144 reads.

Inaugural Fry at the Bottom of the Bag Election!!!

ATTENTION SPIRITUS! After a recent constitutional amendment, a new position has been established called the Fry at the Bottom of the Bag! This is something of a successor position to Warlord of the Hobo Squids, an office most recently held by Alekseandrea until it was STOLEN AWAY when we blew up our constitution several years ago. Elections are to be held here, on the RMB, using polls, and anyone with a nation in Spiritus is eligible! We will elect one every two months. This position has no powers, just the title. But what a title it is! If you are interested in running, post on the RMB, mentioning me, The Salaxalans, so that I know to add you to THE LIST!

Voting will begin in ONE WEEK on JUNE 1ST!!!!

Once you're in the race, you may begin campaigning on the RMB and using dispatches. HAVE FUN AND DON'T BREAK ANYTHING!!

1. Kumquatian Confederacy
2. Kialga
3. Dootdootdootlydoot
4. Bruh survivor
5. Kasadea
6. Legendus