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Akenzua Threatens Sunnaria

Afro Lord Akenzua Threatens Sunnaria

By Yan Reed, SNN International Relations analyst
Updated 11:27 PM NOTZ, Fri May 22, 2020

(SNN - Dumbelokobwe, Central Osean Republic) - The Central Osean Republic has been at war with Pax-Havenica for months to this point. However, Tanabon and Yemet seem to be digging in. Aomen has recently separated itself from the Central Oseans and began to become a prosperous city, and then Lorigia has backed off after Afro Lord Kun Akenzua killed the Lorigian President, Adrian Adriankov. However, recently, the Tanabonians have requested aid from Sunnaria.

The certain section in which the Central Osean Republic, Aomen, and Sunnaria stand is a very critical spot in Central Osea. The three states meet in one spot along the 2nd Parallel. However, along the Sunnaria-Central Osean Border, there is less of a military presence, which might have been why Tanabon is requesting aid from Sunnaria as well as a spot when President, Jack Barker, said “Hello, I know this is a strange and unusual request, but I’d like to, from the United States of Tanabon, request military access through your nation. The nation of the Central Osean Republic carried out a terror attack against us, and we simply request the ability to get justice”. Akenzua did not take too kindly to this. Akenzua spoke on the issue.

"Don't spread lies about us and start to bring the world into this. This is scummy coming from a scummy state... The United States will bow before us... Sunnaria, if you even allow one foot of Tanabonian on your soil, your people will suffer the same fate as Tanabon."

"Last warning, Tanabon. If you dare bring Sunnaria into this, then you both will fall to the glorious Central Osean Republic."

Sunnaria did not respond to these threats, but it can be speculated that the crisis in Central Osea can continue to grow from here on out.