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Zhen Military Doctrine

.Z H E N . . M I L I T A R Y . . D O C T R I N E

The Zhen Island Chain Policy

As part of official doctrine, the Zhen has pledged to stay within its sphere, although it will continue to develop blue-water/other power-projection tools in the event that the Zhen is driven to war with a foreign being. The Zhen's military doctrine is driven by 3 main factors:

    1. The Zhen has the responsibility to protect Asia, and acquiesce to Pan-Asianist thought
    2. The Zhen must take care to ensure that no conflict reaches her borders by use of pre-emptive intervention
    3. Peace should be maintained by militarization

The main geostrategy of the Zhen involves the Island Chain System. The first island chain, a chain of islands and archipelagoes including Taiwan, the Ryukyus, Kuriles, Japan, Kamchatka, and Northern Malaysia, is designated as the area the Zhen must secure and defend in times of war. She must tactically unleash a pre-emptive attack against an enemy (if the threat is substantial), in order to protect her coast.

The second island chain is formed by the Bonin Islands and Volcano Islands of Japan, and extends south to the Mariana Islands. It is a secondary strategic defence line for the Zhen.

The breakdown of the Zhen Military Strategy is as follows:

    1. Asymmetrical Warfare
    2. Fabian Strategy
    3. Cyberwarfare
    4. Saturation Attack

In more detail:

    1. Asymmetric warfare combined with A2/AD;
    2. Use of unmanned technologies to carry out low-risk missions;
    3. The utilization of deception by amplifying an artificial fog of war via PSYOPS, information warfare, visual deception and other methods;
    4. Issuing destabilizing propaganda to increase discontent among the population, by pressing on "pressure points";
    5. Ensuring a constant flow of supply to and from the Military-Industrial Complex;
    6. Cyberwarfare operations to cripple enemy infrastructure;
    7. Utilization of the Zhen's missiles and other high-precision weapons to damage critical infrastructure;
    8. Use of saturation attacks against high-value targets (i.e: aircraft carriers, military facilities, and/or government buildings) to inflict total destruction.

New Doctrine Developments

    1. Utilize the Zhen's massive population and landmass to prolong a war of attrition - you think Afghanistan sucks? Be prepared for something worse.
    2. Continue expanding the Zhen's fleets, army, and air force to ensure constant numerical superiority at all times.
    3. Continue serial production of military apparatus to ensure a constant abundance of material.
    4. Inviting enemies to attractive targets (and then blowing them up)
    5. Utilize EW and SEAD to protect the Zhen's airspace, while remaining able to intercept the enemy's assets.
    6. Utilization of long-range air defences, missile defences, and standoff weapons to blunt enemy attacks.
    7. Ensuring coherent communication and cooperation between all branches of the Board of War.