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Heston Stoker confronts Victor Lloyd about the FCS(MLSS)

Lisa the Secretary- umm Mr. Lloyd?
Victor Lloyd- zzz... zzz...
Lisa the Secretary- MR. LLOOOYD
*Victor shoots up and quickly combs his hair back*
Victor Lloyd- wh- whats goin on Lisa?
Lisa- uh Heston Stoker has come to see you
Victor Lloyd- without informing me before coming
Lisa- i guess so
Victor Lloyd- okay whatever, let him in
*Lisa goes and opens the door in the reception room, and Heston enters Lloyd's office*
Victor Lloyd- hello Hest-
Heston Stoker- Don't "hello" me you ****
Victor Lloyd- woah woah, what did i do?
Heston Stoker- this "Fluggetrian Construction Service" as you call it
Victor Lloyd- what? you don't want to rebuild our cities?
Heston Stoker- you know very well you could have the army doing that, this is a ploy to conscript a bunch of men to head your call alone
Victor Lloyd- conscript?, it's voluntary and all they do is rebuild for a very good wage
Heston Stoker- what's with the uniforms?, dressed like soldiers in dress uniforms?
Victor Lloyd- they are the uniforms we had for colder weather in large enough numbers
Heston Stoker- i see right through this, you may have the directorate and legislature tricked, but i can see clearly this is a power grab to get your own conscript army
Victor Lloyd- all they do is rebuild, you got a screw loose or something?
*Heston stands up and doesn't move*
Victor Lloyd- wha- what are you doing Heston?
Heston Stoker- outlawing opposition parties, declaring unnecessary states of emergency, starting mass conscription, pulling the army to your party and undermining the authority of the Directorate. Victor i know what your planning
Victor Lloyd- i mean i want my party to have more influence of course
Heston Stoker- you want a soft-coup, a subtle coup, one that is not given much attention
Victor Lloyd- no- now wait a min- minute Heston, what are you accusing me of?
Heston Stoker- your reaction tells me everything i need to know Victor, you must be stopped before Fluggetry's liberty is destroyed
*Heston quickly pulls out a small pistol from his right pocket, at the same time MLSS officers hearing the yelling burst in the door, Heston fired his pistol at Lloyd despite turning his head to face the officers*
MLSS officer- drop the weapon now!
*Heston turns his head back to Lloyd and aims the pistol at his body, now fallen on the ground, the MLSS officers unleash multiple rounds into Heston, he falls next to Lloyd bleeding heavily*
Heston Stoker- **** you Lloyd!, your not getting out of here alive!
*Heston grabs Victor by the neck attempting to choke him, Heston is a rather large and muscular man and would have surely killed Victor except for the fact that he had five bullet wounds in him, Victor was able to get away from Heston and the MLSS officers grabbed him, both were quickly brought to a hospital*