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Commend Vilita and Turori Pros and Cons

Commend Vilita and Turori
The Rejected Realms WA Information

Reasons to Vote For:

  • Sports Commendations and Condemnations aren't very common and may often be only highly deserved candidates when they are recognized.

  • It's very well-written. It details Vilita's accomplishments in an interesting. in-depth, and understandable manner.

  • The candidate is highly influential in the realm of NS Sports, and has been for a long time. They created Atlantian Oceania, which has been a major region in NS Sports for a very long time.

Reasons to Vote Against:
  • It may be the case that the upper limit of sports roleplaying, i.e. where one is likely to win major competitions, is achieved by more roleplayers than could reasonably be commended, so winning tournaments is not a fair representation of NS Sports skill.

  • Winning a tournament is a combination of random point scoring, subjective analyses of roleplay ability without consistent judges (and often multiple graders for a single competition, potentially with different grading habits), and rankings on previous competitions. The latter gives previous winners momentum over newer players.