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Restrictions On Blood Sports Pros and Cons

Restrictions On Blood Sports
The Rejected Realms WA Information

Reasons to Vote For:
  • Blood sports are often unnecessarily dangerous and damaging to animals and humans, so one may think that we should take swift action to suppress them.

  • The proposal attempts a compromise as it allows non-fatal blood sports when someone consents and only encourages certain treatment for non-sapients so as not to impede upon others who do not agree that non-sapients need to be treated that way.

Reasons to Vote Against:
  • The proposal uses the term “sapient”, which encompasses not just humans but all human-like creatures, such as primates and arguably animals like dolphins, whales, canines, parrots, crows, and potentially many others. If you believe that it shouldn’t be internationally illegal to hunt these creatures for sport, then that would be a reason to vote against, as the definition of “blood sports” in Clause 1 excludes only the hunting of non-sapient creatures.

    • This could also mean "relating to the human species (Homo sapiens)", but that only shows that it should've been defined.

  • “Consent” as used in Clauses 2 and 3 should be defined as consent can be coerced (e.g. peer pressure, money). Additionally, it is unclear as to what “consent” entails. For example, “by accessing this website, you consent to the usage of cookies”, or “by entering the stadium, you consent to the gladiator fight”.

  • The proposal only universally restricts against blood sports where the intention is to kill, but you may believe that the intent to irreparably maim or cripple should be banned as well. It could be very difficult to determine that the intent was to kill rather than to maim if a participant ends up maimed. In some cases such as gladiator fights, the intent was usually not to kill, as there would be major economic repercussions to that.