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Victor Lloyd gets rid of every party, except for his own

*Lloyd has recently returned to the capitol building in Longbolport, he stands in the press conference room*
Victor Lloyd- yes i banned every single political party except for the MLPF, no one can be in the government without being in the party
Reporter 1- Sir, is this not some dictatorial decision?
Victor Lloyd- all the other parties keep trying to kill me and destabilize our nation!
Reporter 1- isn't this a violation of freedom of speech?
Victor Lloyd- uhhhh no, you can still say whatever you want
Reporter 2- don't you fear some sort of kickback for this?
Victor Lloyd- i'd like to see someone stop me, the Legislature? on my side, the Military? we'll see about that, the Directorate? let's see them enforce their decisions
Reporter 3- Mr. Lloyd you are acting like a dictator
Victor Lloyd- dictator huh? *turns to a MLSS guard* doesn't that sound like treason to you?
MLSS Guard- sure does
Victor Lloyd- arrest that women! and no more questions!
*multiple MLSS guards sprint towards the fleeing woman and tackle her, they cuff and arrest her*