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Victor Lloyd legalizes execution

*in the Capitol Building press conference room*
Victor Lloyd- yeah the death penalty is legal now
Reporter 1- is this not something that has to be passed in the Legislature?
Victor Lloyd- i'll officially get it passed later, i know it will pass
Reporter 1- how do you know that?
Victor Lloyd- everyone in the legislature is now in my party, my party believes in the death penalty, sorta an obvious one
Reporter 2- is this a one-party dictatorship
Victor Lloyd- well there certainly is only one party, plenty of disagreement within the party though
Reporter 2- you act like a mon-
Victor Lloyd- you saw what happened to the last reporter right?, how about you save yourself the trouble and go report on something that actually matters
Reporter 2- ah ... yes sir
Victor Lloyd- whatever this is my last press conference, media is state run now, all of you reporters can be part of the Fluggetrian Cable Network or you can lose your jobs, you can apply at what was the East Coast News, good luck!