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Vosselhiem Yards Type 12 'Claw' Class Patrol Boat -WIP

Type 12 Class:

Ship Type: Ocean Patrol Boat Summary:
These Ocean Patrol Vessels are good sea boats, capable of long patrols and are multi functional. These vessels can engage aircraft, surface ships, and submarines. Can carry a small detachment of boarding troops, 1 Medium, and 2 Small RHIB for their use.

Full Load Displacement: 950 Tons Length: 252 feet Beam: 32 feet Draught: 8 feet Speed, Knots: 30 Crew: 100 and 10 Boarders Machinery: 20,000 shp Range, miles: 3,500 nm/14knots - 700nm/25 knots
Weapons:1 76mm gun, 1-16 cell (4x4) Mk 1L VLS Launcher, 1 Sea Buckler CIWS, Two MK 10 Torpedo Tubes, 1 21cell RAM Mod K Launcher, 1 Dual 40mm cannon, 2 20mm Single Remote Cannon Stations, 4 Light Weapons Mounts, Two Depth Charge Racks (15 charges each)
Aviation: Hanger facilities for 1 UAV
Air Search Radar: Korrodos Electrics Surface Search Radar: Korrodos Electronics Fire Control: Korrodos Electronics Navigation Suite (Radar, GPS, Internal Navigation): Korrodos Electronics Communications Suite: Korrodos Electrics TV-Night Vision System-FLIR: Elite Optics Hull Mounted Sonars: Active Search Attack= Korrodos Electronics, Passive= Aquatic Innovations Towed Sonar Array: Aquatic Innovations ESM-Countermesures: Flare, Chaff, and ESM Blinder system by Korrodos Electrics Smoke Grenade Launchers: Sabre Systems Inc.

Price: 500,000,000