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Nations Not Endorsing Tretrid (2020-06-05)


If you have been pinged by this dispatch, you have not endorsed me.

Now, you might be asking why you should bother endorsing me. I am a Vizier of TEP, so I have to collect a high amount of endorsements, so we can collect influence. Why? To keep TEP secure and safe from threats from both inside and outside.

Today I saw a rather cute dispatch where someone complained about being pinged by one of my fellow Viziers, because they found the request annoying. To which I will say: TOO BAD! >:D

In all seriousness, you will not be pinged by future endorsement dispatches if you endorse me. Just go to my nation page, scroll to the bottom, and click "Endorse Tretrid".

And don't forget to endorse my fellow Viziers:

The Praesidium

Their Job

The Viziers are in charge of regional security. They are the first line of defence against a coup or invasion. They elect among themselves four nations who have Border Control powers to ban and eject nations from the region. They can suspend a Delegate by 2/3 vote for High Treason with Conclave approval and one Vizier would take on the role of acting Delegate in such a case until the suspension is lifted by a non-guilty verdict of the Conclave, a 2/3 vote of Viziers, or a 4/5 vote of the Magisterium.

The Viziers

Everyone, please endorse your Viziers:

Grand Vizier: McStooley

Forum Name

TEP Nation

A mean old man

A mean old man









East Malaysia

East Malaysia






Dragons Blood






New Leganes

Todd McCloud

Todd McCloud






The Praesidium's Powers

Article D of the Concordat gives the Praesidium the following powers:

Article D: Viziers

Section 1) The Viziers shall be invested the responsibilities of regional security, stability, and continuity of government. Viziers shall maintain a high level of endorsements in the region and serve for an indefinite period.

Section 2) The Viziers shall be charged with removing from power any Delegate suspended by the Magisterium, guilty of a summary or indictable offence, or any individual that has illegally seized the Delegacy.

Section 3) The Viziers shall elect from among themselves a Grand Vizier, who shall preside over the Viziers and represent it to the Magisterium, the Executive, and the Conclave. The Grand Vizier shall oversee the security of the region as determined by this Concordat and the Standing Orders of the Viziers.

Section 4) The Viziers may temporarily suspend the Delegate if 2/3 of Viziers believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the Delegate has acted to destroy this Concordat. The temporary suspension must be confirmed within seventy-two hours by a decision of the Conclave. This suspension shall be considered an Indictment for High Treason as prosecuted by the Viziers or designee. The suspension and Indictment shall be lifted by a non-guilty verdict of the Conclave, a 2/3 vote of Viziers, or a 4/5 vote of the Magisterium.

Section 5) Upon the suspension of a Delegate, the Vizier which replaces the Delegate shall become Acting Delegate for the remainder of the suspension, unless another Vizier is chosen as Acting Delegate by the Magisterium. A Vizier shall not be considered as serving concurrently as Delegate if serving as an Acting Delegate.

If you have any questions regarding the Viziers or their roles, do not hesitate to contact any of the nations listed in this Dispatch!


Original Dispatch Credit: Ramaeus
Edited by: Nociav
Header and Footer Credit: East Malaysia
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