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Protogeni Church

"We believe in God The Father, His Protogeni (Firstborn) Begotten Son, through whom all came into existance and The Holy Spirit who proceeds from The Father"

The Doctrine

Protogenis teach that the Logos was a divine being begotten by God the Father before the creation of the world, made him a medium through whom everything else was created, and that the Son of God is subordinate to God the Father. The Holy Spirit is seen as the illuminating and sanctifying power, who is neither God the Father nor Lord/Master. Myriam (Mary) is believed to be blessed virgin Mother of Christ (Christotokos).

The Bible is the holiest book of the Protogeni Church, which is printed in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek, but translations are common and encouraged, sometimes even added to The Bibles themselves, with the original being kept due to the belief of keeping the word pure.

Depictions of all saints, Yesha (Jesus) and all other characters from The Bible, are allowed only when it is done for educational matters, but only while being mostly symbolic. Prayers towards the icons are seen as idolatry and God Father is never allowed to be depicted in any way, other than by words. All icons and other depictions of saints and/or God are believed to be blastphamous and are burned ritually.

Celibacy is completely voluntary, even within the monasteries, with adultery being seen as evil sin worth excommunication, that is still being practiced at least among the clergy. Prayers to anyone except God directly, or through His Son Yesha are condemned. That also includes prayers to saints.


Protogeni Church has autocephalous apostolic theocratic hierarchy. They claim to be the first christian church, the same way as The Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Their official founder is Yesha (Jesus) himself as stated in The Bible. Monasteries are completely independent bodies of the church, with no patriarch being able to force his power. Thus making Monastic Mothers and Fathers equal to the patriarchs with their word being necessary in any patriarchal decision affecting their monasteries.

Monasteries are either all female, male or mixed. All of those are still requied to undergo proper purity, with many outsider priests, bishops and patriarchs visiting them from time to time. Monks and Nuns are allowed to marry, even within the same monastery, but they are required to maintain purity of all sacraments and their marriage as well as provide all what's best for their possible children, making most of such couples leave the monasteries after the wife gets pregnant, or prior.

Most priests, monks and nuns eventually do get married and start their own family, but nepotism is frowned upon, thus their children are not given an easy start if they decide to join the clergy. That also affects members of the ruling dynasty, as The Monarch is seen as a ruler revered by God, thus his children are usually not popular when joining the clergy.

Prayers and Chants

The act of "crossing thyself" is performed with two fingers, the index finger and the thumb touching each other and goes up, down, right, left. This symbolizes The Father and The Son connected by The Holy Spirit. The sign of a cross is tied mostly to the cross that Christ died on, but is also the sign of offering your mind, heart and both arms to God.

Practices of the Protogeni Church are mostly consistent of the old christian practices with most of its prayers and chants being taken directly from The Bible. The most important being LinkAbum D'bshnayo said by Yesha Himself as an example of proper prayer. LinkThe Yesha Prayer is also practiced as it is believed to be a form of the prayer of St. Stéphanos that he have said before his death. Another practiced prayer is LinkPsalm 50 according to the orthodox numbering, as it is a prayer of repentance of King Davit from ancient Israel, other psalms are also used, like LinkPsalm 16, LinkPsalm 138 and LinkPsalm 134 for example, but not all of them are seen as prayers.

Prayers to Saints are not officially endorsed by the church, even though the church does revere saints, like The Apostles of Christ for example and the aforementioned King Davit. Saints are not held so dearly as in other churches and they are mostly consistent of biblical figures. Prayers to anyone except God directly, or through His Son Yesha are condemned.

List of non-biblical Saints

  • Saint Arius of Alexandria - patron of philosophers

  • Saint Nestorius - patron of the exiled

  • Saint Bronagh - patron of sailors

  • Saint Peter Gonesius - patron of the reformers

  • Saint Symon Budny - patron of warriors

Declaration of Anathema

To all those who burn their opposition in fire and followed the ancient romans into their false view on Christ even though they were the ones who crucified Him

To all those who condemn the Christotokos or blaspheme using her name and pray to saints instead of The Father, or in their name instead of the name of The Son, or use depictions of heaven and earth for worship of The Father

To all those who claim to be head of the church, but are not The Son, to whom this title belongs and lower the position of The Father to nearly a brother of The Son

To all those who break the vows of celibacy, or force others to take them, including the priests or their families

To all those who condemn the saints of God who had many wives and many children and condemn anyone of the wrongdoings of another

To all those who restrain knowledge, which all comes from God and through which we may act to get salvation, or use knowledge to restrain faith, through which we may accept salvation and to all those who say one is against the other