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Khanzada Qirka Bulan

Qirka Bulan during the Hunt for Thalrenians in 2020 before being delegated to Mantesa
Full name: Qirka Mściboża Saraj Bulan
Date of Birth: First of January 2000

Religion: Christian Gnosticism
Martial Status: Single in Celibacy

Gender: Female
Height: 190 cm
Weight: around 90 kg
Natural Hair Colour: Black
Eye colour: Amber
Cup Size: B
Shoe Size: 49


Khanzada Qirka Mściboża Saraj Bulan was born in the first of January in the year 2000. She is single and still a virgin, due to her strong religious belief. Her height is 190 cm and she weights officially around 90 kg. Her natural hair colour is black and her eye colour is amber. It is known from her official social media that her cup size is B and her shoe size is 46, which translates to the US size of 10.

Qirka is officially a member of gnostic cathar sect, which believes in equality of men and women, as well as common gnostic idea of divinity within every human. It is also very well known for completely seeing sexual intercourse as sinful even within marriage, thus Qirka entered complete celibacy "from virginity to death". She is also known for ritual self-lashing and self-mutilation during repentance. This is seen by other gnostics as an act of great faith and is revered as a christian deed.

Official Role in the nation:

Qirka is the leader of the enforcement, chosen by Khan. Thus making her one of the most important figures in the nation, that is not a politician, nor a religious leader. She, along with other enforcement leaders, is responsible for making and enforcing procedures of enforcers and judges nation-wide. She became more known region-wide after her veto on Khan's attempt on conducting an illegal judgement in the middle of a diplomatic meeting, thus making sure every nation in the region remains independent. It is unknown weather she done that, because Khan planned it to happen, or if she actively opposed him, but many speculations are being made around that event.

She is known for pushing many violent actions into the procedures, as well as using them herself. It is common knowledge that Qirka is a sadistic indivicual, thus jokes about her love of torture are said around the country, but they all stop being funny once you get threatened by a meeting with her, by the Enforcement. To some extent she is used by the enforcement as a tool to scare criminals and captives, by using her as a threat. This however is not only accepted by Qirka, but she officially admitted to be flattered by that making her status as a sadist only more prominent and cemented.

Being a leader of enforcement did not stop Qirka from being a prominent member of the military. She is not a high ranking general, but nonetheless is an important figure. Qirka is one of the best and most respected trainers of the military as well as a veteran of many wars, including the hunt for Thalrenians.

She also happens to be the most known and respected member of the dynasty after her father, Khan Bulan himself. Therefore it may be a suprise to hear that she has never been a part of the government, only acting once as a representative of Khazar Lechia when The Epitomic Charter was being written and signed.

Celebrity status:

Even though Qirka is known for her ruthless and sadistic nature, she is somewhat of a youth celebrity, which beats all. Young boys and girls look up to her and commonly visit her social media. Thus the younger citizens of Khazar Lechia can be commonly heard discussing her latest breakfast, newest pants, or her pedicure. This has not been officially commented by the dynasty, but it is a well known fact.

In her free time, if we don't count religious worship as that, she likes to spend her time on the internet, playing sports, mainly martial arts and horse riding, but also play video games, listen to music and chat with random youth from Khazar Lechia on the internet in various forms of social media. Most of her activities end up in the media one way or another and attract a lot of interest from the youth, thus many companies try to persuade Qirka to use their products and/or services, hoping to get advertised, thus making her a celebrity.