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by The Heavenly Tuvan Khanate of Khazar Lechia. . 7 reads.

Bulan contemplating Deça

Qirka enters the room of her father. He just listens to the radio, like almost every day now. "The diplomatic meeting didn't happen... Should we open the borders?" she asks. Bulan stays there listening.
Mantesa wrote:MNBC: The people are outraged! Right now, they are demanding that Khan Bulan, from Khazar Lechia, be put to trial for commiting war crimes. Demonstrations are currently taking place in Pentiscola and as much as 100,000 people are estimated to have joined the protests against the Khan.

On other news, the frontline is favorable to our troops. The Eastern Front has collapsed after the destruction of Deça. As for the PDFM, their leaders are in an unknown location. P.M. De Vizcaya has declared that “Peace shall return soon”. His popularity has skyrocketed since the beggining of the war. Right now, 92 % of Mantesans say they “approve” him and 54 % say they “Fully support” the current government.

"Seems like they want me on trial for winning their war for them..." says the khan looking onto the wall. His daughter remains silent, standing at the door. "Do they even know what that means in our tradition? To send the Khan on a trial? Do they know our laws? Our constitution?" he asks, staying very calm, speaking very softly and slowly. Qirka remains silent, still standing at the door. "I did not choose a proper heir and if I don't, that will mean the council picking one that is the most known... I think we both know, that would be you."

"Impossible!" Qirka says "There has never been any women on the throne! I am not good on politics... I can just... Refuse..."

"You shan't!" shouts Bulan, then continues calmly "If it's not you then whom? Who is respected enough to become my successor? Miras? After his son had to step down from his position he is the most common joke character..."

"What about Akhmet, or Avrakham?" says Qadira.

"They don't even have children...-" says Bulan, but Qadira interrupts him "What about Your son Sławoj or Grzmiryj?"

"They are still children Qirka... Besides... Grzmiryj is not even my son... Everyone knows Katarzyna has more consorts than me and most of them look nothing like me. I know there was a fatherhood test, but do you really think that she would allow anyone prove that her child is a bastard?"

Qirka comes forward, sits on the couch next to her father and lowers her head, partially in sadness partially in contemplation. "There is no law that can force you to a trial though" she says, but her father smirks and says "The Epitomic Cha-..." "The Epitomic Charter section 9: Each nation’s constitution shall be the supreme law of each land. Our constitution section 1: This document is the greatest authority, except for heavens themselves, in all of Khazar Lechia. Nothing in the constitution makes their claim valid... You still have time of your reign before you. You don't have to die yet" she points out with a determined face, looking her dad right in the eyes.

"I always thought you'd be the one to choke me, then arrange my body as if I killed myself on a noose..." he says with a smile "Why did you save me then?" she asks with a similar smile "because I always wanted to see you do it" then they both start laughing.