by Max Barry

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by The Heavenly Tuvan Khanate of Khazar Lechia. . 5 reads.

The Dialogue that made the region silent...

"I didn't mean to offend you" - Octavius' face is now serious, almost angry.

"I just wanted to do something... exciting. Don't you want to see the world, to do something naughty, to experience both the darkest and the brightest of the human soul?" - Octavius presses his teeth and a gesture of anger takes over his face.

"For God's sake, don't t you want to explore the world, go to a place without being recognized,without having to follow rules, without being looked upon by a hundred eyes! Don't you! Please, help me! What do you want?!" - asked Octavius.

"When I want to do something exciting... I ride horses off the hills, Fight in martial art tournaments, hell... Everyone knows I torture people and enjoy it... So there is your naughty thing... When I want to experience the dark side of human souls I TORTURE PEOPLE... When I feel remorse I lash my back until it bleeds! When I want to see the bright side... I pray... I pray, visit the holy sites, visit cathedrals, perform meditation and sing psalms. I do not follow the rules... I make them... I am the leader of the enforcement. I set the rules for all the legal bodies in this nation, including my Father. I can't be taken off of that position... I can only resign and I won't. The eyes? Looking at me?" - Qirka makes a pause to laugh... Very maniacally...

"Make them look...! If they see anything I didn't want them to see I just pull their eyes out... then make them eat them..." - she said it all getting closer and closer to Octavius, eventually she was a few centimeters from him, with a wall behind him. He looked up at her face and her wide and evil smile...

“Oh, dear, you really don’t understand do you!? Where you say horses, I say limousines, where you say torture and sadism, I say parties and orgies, where you say law I say punishment and where you say repentance I say hypocrisy. You say you have experienced both ends of human sould, yet you did it alone. The human soul does not exist alone, for it is part of something bigger. Where you see power, I see fear; where you see entertainment I see vain time killers, your ridiculous fear of power scares me, your willingness to torture makes me laugh. It’s pretty ironic. You probably would have been one of the Romans that abused Jesus...” - Octavius calms down a bit. He suddenly realises he’s barely above Qirka’s breasts. He immediately backs down, but his exasperated face continues arguing...

“Oh Elohim, you” - he points his finger at Qirka and laughs

“You claim to have experienced all the shadows of humanity, yet you have never left your position of power” - he sits down, exhausted, on a couch and with a penetrating, deep voice says: “Come with me and visit the rest of the world. Or is it you are afraid of being powerless...?“

But she is not touched by any of that... She looks unamused... disappointed even, when she shakes her head.

"I thought you were worth something... Turns out I was wrong... You're just another boy looking around, that claims to know everything, but only knows money of his own father..." - after this, she attempts to leave the room. Octavius reassembles his last energies and in a supreme effort yells:

“Please!... I... I love you!" - he then closes his eyes and waits, exhausted, excited and worried at the same time...

Qirka stops in the door... Doesn't look back at him, but turns her hands into fists and lowers her head "I am impotent and circumcised... I will not give you children, nor have sex with you... ever..." - she says... This makes her eyes go wet, but she turns to Octavius and continues...

"This is something I have never told anyone... My celibacy is indeed an act of faith, but I have other reasons to keep it alongside it, which are only known to my mother... It's not because my father wanted this... In truth he doesn't even know... My mother is a muslim doctor and a fanatic, thus she performed it herself when I was little..." - she wipes tears off of her cheek, with her hand - "Now you know if you really love me..."

Octavius was confused. His head was boiling with thoughts and he felt a blind fury taking over his body.

“I’m gonna kill the b*tch that castrated you” - he muttered, not too loud though, just loud enough for Qirka to hear.

"If I would want her dead she would be dead long ago... I don't hold any grudges against my mother and I still love her... I have forgiven long ago" - she declared.