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Khazar Lechia - Country without cities

Hard-nosed nomads
There is officially no city in Khazar Lechia. All owned land, that is legally land for building is owned by religious organizations. The Palace of the Khan is officially owned by the state. To most nations this fact is completely weird, especially when you look at national maps of Khazar Lechia. International rules of maps makes Khazar Lechia look almost completely empty compared to other nations. In almost every single country, not having home, even if not owned is seen as being "homeless", but not in Khazar Lechia. Nomadic life, living in shackles and inhabiting random houses all around the country, is seen as the proper life by all natives in Khazar Lechia.

Different view on land
Khazar Lechia's most wealthy work in the agricultural industry, producing food. The wealthier half of Khazar Lechian citizens are completely independent on creating food and half of those produce enough food to be able to live from selling it, which incudes the Khan if you don't count the taxes that all go to governmental expenses. That fact makes wasting land for cities not seen as good by both the people and the government. Not to mention governmental buildings like containment facilities and governmental buildings are being built on provincial level, thus making it very common to see them being built "in the middle of nowhere" as outsiders would say.

Freedom of building
There are many buildings that are inhabited by people and built by them all around Khazar Lechia, but the main difference is the fact, that building a house in any place in Khazar Lechia does not require owning land it is built on but is a given right of every citizen and may only be revoked by the land owner, who is usually a tribal lord, Khan or a business owner, making it very easy to build, especially if said person works nearby to the place where they plan on building. Therefore making it common for business owners to include build funding for their workers in their contracts.

Unofficial "city"
The amount of building freedom in Khazar Lechia makes most people build their homes in places where they are interested in staying, like around religious temples, workplaces and Khan's Palace and not the other way around. Even though such places usually grow big and in some cases they eventually start attracting business owners, tribal heads, royals and even state buildings like hospitals and enforcement fortresses or camps. There is no single officially recognized city in Khazar Lechia thus far, but unofficially the general inhabited area around Khan's Palace is called "Astana" meaning "The Capital" or "Khazar Lechia City".