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Sławoj's judgement on the 19th of June 2020

The following is a transcription of the recording from the judgement of Sławoj, former son of Khan Bulan Bulan of Khazar Lechia, who has been rejected his blood and bastardized by the Khan prior to these events, on the 19th of June 2020:

Sławoj's song

The walk of shame as customary is performed with Sławoj being dragged by the enforcers by foot to the hall he will be judged in... Since he is a former son of the Khan, his Judge is no other than Khan Bulan, making this walk very long and even more shameful... Sławoj is handcuffed and dragged all day by the enforcers, but he is proud as he always has been. The entire way he prays and sings LinkThe Terrifying Judgement in slavic. On his way to the hall some of the youth on the more fascist side join him in the song.

Eventually all other people charged join his walk of shame. They join the song, even encouraging the bystanders to join them in their walk, even though uncuffed. This is the first time in history when the walk of shame, becomes a pilgrimage.

When the Palace is reached all non-involved in the judgement are stopped at the entrance, but their song can still be heard inside in the hall of judgement. Criminals are allowed to kowtow before the empty throne, which they all do, aside from Sławoj, who still only nods as if he was still part of the imperial family. The ceremonial song is performed before Khan enters the room, but Sławoj keeps saying "Thank you" after each line.

Two ceremonial announcements of The Khan this time contain "Revered by heaven, judge of all ok Khazar Lechia!" and "The holiest monarch in the entire region!", but is ended with Sławoj declaring "and the father of Sławoj Bulan!"

Khan takes his position unmoved by any of this, taking his seat on the throne, he starts the judgement.


Khan: "You are all charged with illegal kidnapping a diplomatic official, attempted illegal extortion of money, acting as impostors for the legal system, using illegal force against a citizen of Khazar Lechia making him work as a tool in your crimes and treason against the state, the throne and The Eternal Skies. You are all given state-funded lawyers as per your requests. Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty. The judgement starts now... How do you plead?"

Sławoj: "I plead not guilty of most... Guilty of kidnapping, but legal kidnapping"

The rest pleads guilty of crimes they personally committed. Only two pleads guilty of forcing another citizen to make him make the call. The man making the call pleads innocent, but admits his submission to the ones that plead guilty.

Khan: "We were unable to summon Octavius and his father here, due to their political affairs, but we were able to collect their statements digitally... Does anyone veto that?"

Sławoj: "I do"

Khan: "You have no right to do that... I take that as a no then. You may all say your official statements now"

Sławoj: "As your son I could never stand the rudeness of people from other nations... Mantesa was always the worst case... Their people always call our sacred traditions weird and we all know their people have us for complete maniacs... The things sacred to us, mean nothing to them, for they only value western idiots, like the monarchs of Holy Roman Empire, which was neither holy, roman, or a proper empire... Their democracy is based on ancient rome which only makes them more disgusting. Our people come from the huns and slavs! Attila used to invade roman cities, not ally with them! Our ancestors vowed to never leave any roman alive when seen! That is why I am not a traitor, but everyone else is, whenever they let any of those westerners into our borders! I wasn't even going to kill Octavius, which I should have done, but only deport him..."

Tair Yerbolov - Phone guy: "I was just approached by two men in full enforcer armor, but without badges... They gave me information to make the call and said if I won't do that, they'll find me and kill me... I don't have any family yet... I didn't want to be another nameless dead body..."

Yerik Assylhanev - The head of operation: "Sławoj wanted the guy gone and gave us money. He told us to do the entire thing the best way we can, so we did. We wanted to make sure there will be no tracks leading back to him, or us, so we hired a random guy... If we knew Sławoj would be such an idiot, we would just report it all back to the enforcers... We were simply doing what he said, since back then he had some sort of authority. We didn't want Octavius dead, but we wanted to get some money out of it... We're on the poorer end of the spectrum and just wanted enough money to buy some land so we can start a proper farm... That's it..."

Others didn't have more to say than what is already known, including the witnesses. The old man who rescued Octavius was the only exception.

Enochite Speaker: "I was just evangelising the word of Malak, when I heard someone singing from the sewers, so I came closer... It was not normal to hear a song from the sewers... I asked the boy why is he there, but he thought it was a containment facility... It was obvious to me what happened... I quickly got something long and strong to burst the crates open and got the boy out of there... Then we called enforcement... There was no way anyone would find him... All homes around him were long abandoned... The sewer system was as simple as one can be and wasn't used for years, that's why it was dry. I went there looking for supplies, like water or food... I did find what I was looking for in the end since there was a working well there..."

Octavius and Diego IV both wanted the old enochite set free and justice to be served in their statements. Octavius also happened to talk a little about the things he wrote for Qirka when in the cell and said he hopes his letter reached her. Mantesan King simply informed the court about all he knew about the case and said that he is happe justice will be served.

Judgement and punishement

Sławoj was found guilty of everything, except attempted extortion. He was sentenced to death, by being dragged behind a horse, while completely restrained. After his death, his body was to be crucified and placed before the entrance of the containment facility he was in.

Tair Yerbolov was found guilty, but his sentence was very low, since he was not acting on his will. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but the sentence was suspended for ten years, in which if he commits any crime they will be added to the next sentence, in other case he will not be punished.

Yerik Assylhanev was found guilty of everything except treason, and sentenced to death, by impaling. He was to be impaled by an executional spear to the chest, then the spear was to be removed and inserted again into his head. His body was to be given to his family after the execution for a burial.

Others charged:

  • Two men who "arrested" Octavius were sentenced to death by noose.

  • Three men who forced Tair Yerbolov to commiting a crime, were sentenced to 10 years of containment.

  • Five other men involved, who were not guilty of more than providing help in the crime willingly, were sentenced to 5 years of containment.

Property of people sentenced to death was extorted and sold. The money gained from that was transferred to Octavius as compensation, but due to the Mantesan debt in Khazar Lechia, it was used to pay back a fraction of the Mantesan debt.