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The Heavenly Skies Pact

"Heavenly Sky shall reign forever! For we will be always under it!"

Members of the pact:

The Heavenly Skies Pact, or The HSP is a union of royal dynasties with heavenly mandates and possibly theocratical orders as well. The pact is heavily based on the eastern view of monarchy and royalty, as its founders were members of Bulan and Sassanid dynasties.

A "monarch" is defined as a leader with heavenly mandate to rule over the land they have, or the people they have. This is obviously very different than the average definition of a monarch in english language for example, as this is based on eastern languages and their definitions of their rulers and their shared characteristics.

Monarchies and theocratical orders within the pact keep trade with each other as families, sometimes even allowing international trade in cases that benefits the monarchs and orders within the pact. Furthermore any political agreements benefiting monarchs and orders within the pact are also common and normal. Both trade and political agreements can happen even if countries under the rule of the monarchs and orders are isolationist.

As opposed to most pacts, The HSP is not a national alliance. It is an alliance of families and possible theocratical orders, that defends their positions of power and possibly expands their influence.

At the moment all dynasties are tied in the following ways:

  • Sassanids and Bulans officially recognized each other's authority and legitimacy and performed a formal kowtow exchange.

  • Bulan Bulan and Diego Pictor are officially blood brothers, which legally makes them brothers as stated by both of them before the blood pact commenced.

  • All three families are in economical alliance with close trade relations between their countries.

  • Sassanids and Bulans are officially in an ecumenical pact formed through them, by the religions of both countries.

  • Sassanids and Bulans have a knowledge exchange pact between their countries and their families.