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A Review of the Times: 21 Jun 2020


萬國公報: A Review of the Times
.....June 2020 - Issue No. 1,830..reeeeeeeeeeeeejhdfkshfjkdshkfdhkfhskfhkhewiuiufhjkdshkjfeeeeeeeeeeeee...Founded by Rev Young J. Allen, Est. 1868

B.O.W: "Economic Productivity A-OK"
By meatlickercitizen9

JIANGNING – Tens of billions of ZGD meant for public works were left unused, according
to the Board of Revenues.

The Board of Revenues reported that there was a "substantial" shortage of projects
for governments to invest in, which was "regrettable". Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic
pushed the Board of Works to spur more investments into public works projects, releasing
a catalogue on currently ongoing projects. These include a slurry of massive infrastructural
upgrades or construction deals, aimed at stimulating the construction market and boosting
growth to counteract the events of a recent worldwide recession.

The Board has recently inaugurated over 100 large-scale projects. This includes a $22bn
reactor refit for 48 reactor plants, the ambitious '100 Vaults Programme' aimed at
constructing 100 underground storage vaults in the event of a disaster, a refit of the
Underground City in the Capital into an underground hydroponics farm, and so on.
In addition, thousands of miles of roads and highways are
expected to be built in this decade, as the Board of Works aims to resettle
thousands to the Western Frontier in one of the largest organized migrations in the history
of the Zhen.

Some of the local governments have used these funds to inject into their healthcare facilities, while some others have used them for tax rebates and subsidies to
e-commerce. Either way, it appears that economic productivity will resume and re-enter its
pre-COVID phase, allowing the Zhen to continue constant economic growth.

Caixin's manufacturing PMI reportedly skyrocketed, jumping from 50.7 in May to 52.2 in June,
as added demand for construction materials skyrocketed. The Board of War's recent military
orders, wherein 29 naval vessels, 18,500 armoured vessels, and over 300 aircraft were
hastily added into the military's arsenals. The rapid increase in manpower and budget is expected
to contribute to more equipment acquisitions in the future, leading to greater factory activity.

Official statistics indicate that total GDP growth (y-o-y) is expected to increase from 2.5%
(as originally projected) to 3.4%, while the shipbuilding, aviation, and construction sectors may see growth ranging from 5 to 7%.

Board of War: "We Need Patriots"
By Board of War

Soldiers of the Imperial Army

LOONG KONG – Education is without doubt a pillar in a country’s long-term progress
and national strength. In this technology- and innovation-driven era, a sound education system is critical
to enhancing every country’s economic and technological competitiveness. Likewise, education plays a
role in guiding our youth.

A systematic and well-designed education curriculum could help students better understand the importance
of protecting the country’s sovereignty and abiding by national security laws. This way, they will not be
misled into participating in acts of treason and sedition against the Dynasty. Patriotic education can inculcate
in our citizens a proper view of the world and their home, allowing them to be wary of any potential threats
to national security and to take action to uphold the country’s interests.

Many countries around the world have implemented patriotic education in some form. Although there is no
precise and universally accepted definition of what patriotic education encompasses, broadly speaking, it
includes topics such as the constitution, national history, identity and heritage. Students should be taught
about the many economic, technological, social, and scientific achievements in the Zhen as part of this
patriotic education curriculum, mainly for pragmatic reasons.

As the second-largest economy in the world, we will be the future whether the youths like it or not. The
more they know about the motherland, the better they will be equipped to develop their careers and find a
job there. A patriotic education can help nurture our students' sense of national identity. If we can achieve
this, we will achieve greatness.

In Depth: The Empress' Love Affair
By Guo Chingle

IMPERIAL CAPITAL – Rita Shakeed. Sound familiar?

It should - it's the Empress' new girlfriend, apparently. Last night, newsmedia site NewsSauce revealed that her Divine Majesty Kong Zixun was in a relationship with IDF soldier Rita Shakeed, hailing from the Union of Israel.

Some say that they had met in 2016 while the Empress - who was a palace girl then - journeyed to Israel for a short excursion. Leaked snippets reveal that they had most likely bumped into each other while Rita was operating off-duty. Not much is known about the Empress' private life, other than the fact that she has an active social media presence, and she can fly a helicopter. Even less is known about her girlfriend, who appears to be a combat engineer.

As soon as speculation started about the lesbianism of the Empress, the internet began heaving with a disturbing appreciation of the Empress' sex life. The idea that the 27-year-old leader of the world's largest nation was in love with an Israeli soldier triggered a range of fantasies. Internet users expressed their wish for various eccentric lesbian fantasies; others were inspired to transform her into a winsome anime heroine or produce high-octane video montages in the style usually reserved for K-pop stars. Some have derided these remarks as being particularly "simp-y", telling internet users to "get a real GF, brah".

Many female political figures are judged in terms of their sexual desirability in a way their male counterparts rarely face. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was praised for her MILF status, while the Korean Kim Yo Jung was inundated with prurient interest. In East Asia, this hasn’t been just about female leaders but the combination of feminine appeal and societies deemed dangerous or mysterious.

Long before any of these women were born, the West had a fascination with a woman whose image mirrors the Empress’ more closely than anyone else: Empress Dowager Cixi, the OG “dragon lady.” She ruled during the dying decades of the Qing dynasty, a period of time where the world was desperate to understand the inner workings of the Qing court, but a scarcity of information led to a rise of apocryphal tales, consistent speculation, and outright fantasy.

It’s not surprising that a similar erotic fascination has followed the Empress once more, who could become the leader of the most complicated nation in the world. A vast majority of outsiders surveyed said they had "no idea what ideology to put the Zhen down as", and many were at a loss for words when asked to describe the government of the world's second-largest economy. Hell - even locals have trouble navigating the massive bureaucracy of the Zhen, which can be said to be a bastardized chimaera of the socially progressive, Legalist, Confucian, Roman, Japanese, and Imperial Chinese systems. While the Progressive Party endorses LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, equal custody, and other rather left-wing social policies, it also dips in rightist ideals such as militarism, Volksgemeinschaft, and a 'Dare to Die' attitude.

We should look at her love life - not as some kind of fangirl/fanboy club, but rather the implications this could bring for the community. Will the Empress' open endorsement of lesbianism lead to an explosion of orientational freedom?