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RaiderVision 2020

Inspired by FRAVision ~ Materials adapted with permission from Wop


I. What is RaiderVision?
II. How do I join? What songs can I submit?
III. How does judging work? When does it start?
IV. When is the awards ceremony? What are the prizes?

I. What is RaiderVision?

RaiderVision is an OOC song contest, largely based on the former FRAVision Song Contest, which is in turn based on the real life Eurovision Song Contest. It is a cultural event unlike any other on NS. This event features regions and players from across the game coming together to participate in a fun and competitive, song contest. The North Pacific is excited to be carrying this spirit of inter-regional, game-wide community into 2020.

Simply put, RaiderVision is a contest where players represent their regions and submit their songs. Player(s) can submit songs on behalf of their region and, if they win, the player will receive an individual prize and their region will have the honor of being the host of next year’s event! In the name of simplicity and organization, this year's event will take place on-site in this forum thread and the discord channel of RaiderVision and RaiderCon.

This event's host is The North Pacific. The administrators are the members of The Black Hawks’ Council of Hawks. As its name implies, the event is being run as an event under the RaiderCon umbrella, but like the con, it is in spirit and in practice an inclusive event and we really do hope that you'll enjoy it. Whether you submit a song or just want to tune in and listen, there's no avoiding the fact that there is much fun to be had during these awesome weeks!

The RaiderVision Discord Channel link is

II. How do I join? What songs can I submit?

Information to Know:

Submissions are open from June 15th until June 29th. Anyone may submit a song.
One song per contestant. There is no limit on how many songs can be submitted on a single region's behalf, but regions should remember that having votes in their favor split between several entries can hurt their odds of winning during the judging period. For this reason, we will continue to offer players the option to flag their entries as "non-competing."
You can submit any sort of song you like. It can be a cover of a real song (e.g. you can sing something by Oasis, Khalid, or Gwen Stefani), you can write an original work, or it can be related to your nation. Writing lyrics related to NS is another fun option. It's your choice, and long as it involves your own work in some way!
The song can be hosted in whatever way we can see it. Youtube or a reliable online mp3 host is recommended. If you're not sure how to do this, feel free to contact me for assistance.
You can sing, but you don't have to sing. Simply playing an instrument, or even pursuing some outrageous avant-garde collection of humming machines, is a valid entry. Once again, you get complete control over what you submit. Don't be afraid to take advantage of that fact!

How to Submit:

Contestants have two options of places to submit: either this forum thread or in the RaiderVision discord server. Please use the following form below to make it clear that you are entering.

Topic Title: (Name of individual, group or region)'s Entry

Name of Candidate:
Name of Entry:
Inspiration/Description of Entry:

Entry: (link to video, song or posting of lyrics)
Why should you win?

Do you want this song to be flagged as non-competing (e.g. will not be judged as a regional entry)? Choosing this is only advisable if your region has already submitted a song.

III. How does judging work?

Judging occurs from June 30th – July 5th.

Once the submission phase is over, voting will begin. Any individual who submits an entry may place a personal vote. All voters will rate their top 5 songs in order of preference (awarding their favorite 12 points, then 10 points, 8 points and so forth). This will be done by posting their votes the designated voting channel on the RaiderVision discord. Individuals may not vote for their own entry.

Regions may also send a singular representative to place a regional vote. From now until June 28th, individuals may apply on this thread or on the discord channel to serve as a regional representative for voting. In the announcement, the individual nation should mention a delegate/FA minister/someone in that region's government that we can check in with to confirm approval. Any region can have a representative, but there will be a maximum of 10 representatives that will be allowed. TBH's Council and TNP's event coordinators will work together to determine the 10 representatives if a situation arises where there are more than 10 who apply. This is done to allow a variety of voices in the voting process while also ensuring that there is some oversight to it. Regional representatives may vote however they wish.

Even if you are not involved in that voting process, your voice still matters! There will also be a public poll, open to all fans of RaiderVision, for this year’s awarding of The Crowd Favorite!

Special note: For this year's competition, TNP will be awarding a Host's Choice award as well. The Host's Choice will be our pick for the best mashup entry. A mashup is a song that combines elements of two or more songs into a new song that is, hopefully, greater than the sum of its parts. We will pick the best mashup submission and its creator will be honored during the award ceremony. The best part is, you will be eligible for this award whether your submission is an official contest entry or one of the non-competing entries.

IV. When is the awards ceremony? What are the prizes?

On July 6th, the Awards Ceremony will commence. The following awards are given:

1. First Place Entry - Whole Note Award (Gold)
2. Second Place Entry - Half Note Award (Silver)
3. Third Place Entry - Quarter Note Award (Bronze)
4. Crowd Favorite – The Moves Like Jakker Award

The first place contestant's region is also given the privilege of hosting the RaiderVision Song Contest next year, using the infrastructure and discord channel maintained by The Black Hawks.

Happy Composing!

The North Pacific is proud to host RaiderVision 2020, and if you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Yours truly,

The North Pacific

"Where the music is strong, the competition robust,
and the rum is on the house!"