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Holidays in Khazar Lechia

Khazar Lechia celebrates religious holidays of main religions within the nation. With its people being very abrahamic and seen as fanatics by others, it is to no surprise that abrahamic holidays make up most of the nationally recognized holidays in the country. The three biggest religions taking most of them, like Islamic Ramadaan, Jewish Yom Kippur, Protogeni Christmas, called "Christ Birth" by Protogenis, in between winter and spring, instead of January or December like more western churches. The biggest nation-wide holiday observed by all religions is "The Month of Pascha" which by Jews is just another passover within that month, for Christians a celebration similar to Easter, but only in Khazar Lechia Muslims use that term to name the end of Ramadan. Other abrahamic religions in the nation revere it in their specific ways.

Christ Birth (Protogeni name for Christmas) is celebrated in the early spring, contrary to orthodox and catholics and it is mostly an agricultural celebration and instead of the theme being Christ's birth, the theme is Christ and God giving birth, hence the begining of the spring, thus making snow appearing seen as sad. Birthdays are not commonly celebrated, since they are viewed as a western custom, but then anniversaries are huge events. Then the celebrations tied to the history of the nation are the anniversaries of tribal unification (Lechowie and Khazar coming together), the fall of western Rome (24 August) and the fall of eastern Rome (29 May).

  • January

  • February

  • March - Christ Birth (25th)

  • April

      - Pascha (Moving)

  • May - Fall of ER (29th)

  • June

  • July

  • August - Fall of WR (24th)

  • September

      - Yom Kippur (Moving)

  • October

  • November - Tribal Unification (5th)

  • December