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Zhen Orders and Decorations

    The Orders and Decorations of the Zhen Dynasty were largely modelled, if not directly copied from, their Qing predecessors, as well as Manchukuo. They are typically conferred on civil officials, military officials, and other people known for 'exceptional' work or achievements.



Notable Recipients

The Peacock Feather

  • The three-eyed peacock feather: Princes of the Blood of the first six ranks, distinguished officials or military leaders.

  • The double eyed peacock feather: in recognition of exceptional public service, for those who have "done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations and the cause of humanity".

  • The single-eyed peacock feather: in recognition of public service.

  • Kang Youwei (Three-eyed)

  • Liang Qichao (Three-eyed)

  • Li Hongzhang (Three-eyed)

  • Desmond Tutu (Double-eyed; South Africa)

  • Abraham Lincoln (Double-eyed; posthumous - The American-States)

  • Martin Luther King Jr (Double-eyed; The American-States)

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi (Double-eyed; The pakistan state)

  • Tang Caichang (Single-eyed; posthumous)

  • Lin Xu (Single-eyed; posthumous)

  • Tan Sitong (Single-eyed; posthumous)

  • Liu Guangdi (Single-eyed; posthumous)

  • Yang Shenxiu (Single-eyed; posthumous)

  • Kang Guangren (Single-eyed; posthumous)

  • The Order of the Double Dragon, First Class

  • First grade: Sovereigns, Emperors, and Heads of State

  • Second grade: Heirs Apparent, Princes and members of Royal houses.

  • Third grade: Admirals of the Fleet, Field Marshals, Ambassadors and Ministers of State.

  • Kong Zixun (first, second grades)

  • Barack Obama (first grade; The American-States)

  • Charles de Gaulle (first grade; The First French State)

  • Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (third grade; Greater britanniya)

  • Kevin Rudd (third grade; The Australis Republic)

  • The Order of the Double Dragon, Second Class

  • First grade: Admirals, Generals, Ministers Plenipotentiary and equivalent ranks.

  • Second grade: Vice-Admirals, Lieutenant-Generals, Ministers-Resident, Chargé d'Affaires, Inspectors-General, etc.

  • Third grade: Rear-Admirals, Major-Generals, Consuls-General, First Secretaries, Heads of Educational establishments, etc.

  • Zhang Jian (second grade)

  • Zaifeng, Prince Chun (first grade)

  • Liang Cheng (third grade)

  • William Alexander Parsons Martin (third grade)

  • Cai Yuanpei (third grade)

  • Huang Kan (third grade)

  • Gu Hongming (third grade)

  • James Yen (third grade)

  • Reginald Johnston (third grade; Greater britanniya)

  • The Order of the Double Dragon, Third Class

  • First grade: Captains in the Navy, Colonels in the army, Second Secretaries, Attachés, Professors, etc

  • Second grade: Commanders in the Navy, Lieutenant-Colonels, Vice-Consuls, etc.

  • Third grade: Lieutenant-Commanders and Lieutenants in the Navy, Majors, Captains, Consulate Interpreters, etc.

  • Fei Xiaotong (first grade)

  • Charles K. Kao (first grade)

  • Aisin-Gioro Husheng (second grade)

  • Aisin-Gioro Pujie (third grade)

  • The Order of the Double Dragon, Fourth Class

    An award for outstanding services to the throne and the Zhen court, conferred to soldiers and sailors of the rank and file, and equivalent civilian ranks.

  • Edward Selby Little (Greater britanniya)

  • Alexander von Falkenhausen (Wulworth)

  • Hans von Seeckt (Wulworth)

  • Lieutenant Colonel Hermann Voigt-Ruscheweyh (Wulworth)

  • Joseph Stilwell (The American-States)

  • Claire Chennault (The American-States)

  • Vasily Chuikov (The Great Expanses)

  • Flying Tigers (unit decoration; The American-States)

  • The Order of the Double Dragon, Fifth Class

    An award for outstanding services to the throne and
    the Zhen court, conferred to businessmen, artisans, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.

  • Lu Xun

  • Hu Shih

  • Ye Shengtao

  • Lin Yutang

  • Mao Dun

  • Mo Yan

  • Gu Hongming

  • Joseph Needham (Greater britanniya)

  • The Most Precious Order of the Imperial Throne

    Awarded in a single class and limited to reigning Sovereigns only.

  • HRM Queen Elizabeth II (Greater britanniya)

  • HRM King Rama IX (Seri Sayam)

  • Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Druk Gyalpo (Bhutan)

  • HRM King Salman (Saudi Arabia)

  • HRM King Hamad bin Isa (Bahrain)

  • HRM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (Brunei)

  • HRM King Willem Alexander (Revereia)

  • HRM Emperor Naruhito (Greater-Imperial-Japan)

  • HRM King Carl XVI Gustaf (Sweden)

  • HRM King Felipe VI (Spain)

  • The Order of the Yellow Dragon

    Awarded in a single class and limited to Princes and members of Royal houses.

  • Zaifeng, Prince Chun

  • Empress Consort Jin Yuying

  • Imperial Daughter Beifeng

  • Imperial Son Nanfeng

  • Imperial Son Xifeng

  • Mamoru Shō (Greater-Imperial-Japan)

  • The Order of the Black Dragon

  • First class: Princes of the Blood of the fourth and fifth degrees, and on officials of the first or, by special favour on officials of the second rank.

  • Second class: officials of the second rank or the third for special merit.

  • Third class: officials of the third rank for pre-eminent services.

  • Fourth class: officials of the fourth rank for pre-eminent services.

  • Fifth class: officials of the fifth rank for pre-eminent services.

  • Sixth class: officials of the sixth rank for pre-eminent services.

  • Seventh class: officials of the seventh class for pre-eminent services.

  • Eighth class: officials of the eighth rank or under, or those outside government service who have aided education, developed industry, or those whose worthy character calls for recognition.

  • Tang Caichang (Eighth class; posthumous)

  • Lin Xu (Eighth class; posthumous)

  • Tan Sitong (Eighth class; posthumous)

  • Liu Guangdi (Eighth class; posthumous)

  • Yang Shenxiu (Eighth class; posthumous)

  • Kang Guangren (Eighth class; posthumous)

  • Charles K. Kao (Eighth class)

  • Kong Decheng (Eighth class)

  • The Soldier's Medal

    rewards distinguished and meritorious services by soldiers of the Imperial Army. Awarded in a single class silver medal inscribed with the character "shang" (reward).

  • Ma Zhanshan

  • Ma Hongbin

  • Ma Buqing

  • Ma Fulu (posthumous)

  • Ma Biao

  • Zhang Xueliang

  • Zhang Zuolin (posthumous)

  • Duan Qirui

  • Flying Tigers (unit decoration; The American-States)

  • The Enthronement Commemorative Medal

  • First class: Emperor Taizu's enthronement (1912)

  • Second class: Emperor Dongfeng's enthronement (1932)

  • Third class: Empress Shangwen's enthronement (2020)

  • Cai E (First Class)

  • Liang Qichao (First Class)

  • Kang Youwei (First Class)

  • Zhang Binglin (First Class)

  • Zhang Jian (First Class)

  • Chen Tianhua (First Class)

  • Gu Hongming (First Class)

  • Hu Hanmin (First Class, Second Class)

  • Tao Chengzhang (First Class)

  • Cai Yuanpei (First Class)

  • Li Shizeng (First Class)

  • Zhang Renjie (First Class)

  • Tang Hualong (First Class)

  • Qiu Jin (First Class)

  • Carsun Chang (Second Class)

  • Zaitao (Second Class)

  • Lu Xun (Second Class)

  • Hu Shih (Second Class)

  • Zhang Xueliang (Second Class)

  • Ma Biao (Second Class)

  • Abdul-Karim H. Mostafa (Third Class; Arab-Jamahiriya)

  • Kim Jong-Un (Third Class)

  • Kim Yo-Jong (Third Class)

  • President Tshisekedi (Third Class; The Congo Confederation)

  • Unnamed TSPR envoy (Third Class; Seri Sayam)

  • The Order of the Crescent

    conferred to reward meritorious services and acts of public benefaction.

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi (The pakistan state)

  • Malala Yousofzai (The pakistan state)

  • James Yen

  • RawReport