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Vote For GA resolution Repeal: "Military Identification Tag Act"

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Repeal: "Military Identification Tag Act"
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
"Military Identification Tag Act" is a flawed resolution that has several glaring issues, any one of which could justify a repeal on its own. One of the most pressing issues is that the resolution disallows the destruction of its mandatory ID tags by anyone, including soldiers to whom the tags have been issued. This means that soldiers cannot conceal their identity if they are taken as a prisoner-of-war without breaking international law, and, depending on the information put on a tag, may be unable to prevent torture that can result from the information on a tag.

Another significant issue is that the resolution gives no protocol for how military tags can be decommissioned - it doesn't even clarify that member nations could decide how to decommission tags. This is an oversight that can be interpreted as member nations being unable to decommission tags. These are just two of the more pressing issues with the target resolution, but there are others as well.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For the at-vote proposal, "Repeal: Military Identification Tag Act."

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