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White Fathers mountains

Three mountains (Attïlanıñ Nayzası in kazakh, or Spear Attila in irish, or Attila's Spear in english, Bronagtıñ Qılışı in kazakh, or Claíomh Bronagh in irish, or Bronagh’s Sword in english and Laoxra qarlığan in kazakh, or Laochra Snowshelf in irish, or Hero's Snowshelf in english) make up The White Fathers mountains on the border between Cielearda and Khazar Lechia.

Those mountains have cultural and religious significance for both nations. They used to be the ancient holy place where the followers of tengri worshipped Earth, Sky and a deistic god creator. After that slavs and celts developed more complicated mythologies and all eventually converted to some abrahamic religion. Nowadays mountains are still seen by The Protogeni Church as a holy site of revelation.

It is illegal to disturb the mountains by building on them, but many climb them seeking religious revelation and closer connection to the more natural side of the divine. There also happen to be regular non-pilgrims climbing the mountains, but they are mostly an exception. Those mountains have no resources and are militarily unconquerable. They are high enough that people on their top need oxygen tanks and doing so usually takes a few days.