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Sarfaenian Economy, Notable Corporations, and more

Sarfaenian Economy

The Independent Sarfaenian People's economy is primarily fueled by fishing, deep-sea mining, scientific research, and defense programs. There is a notable wealth gap between the "lower", "middle", and "upper" classes, however the middle class dwarfs the other two categories by a large margin. The majority of citizens are able to afford basic needs, and some lower-end luxuries. Economic growth is beginning to stagnate due too an increasing lack of space on the Cityship, and issue that is becoming more difficult to address internally. In previous years, The Independent Sarfaenian People's GDP has remained roughly around 2.4%, however the most recent economic report has put GDP at 1.9%.

Notable Corporations

Cuolo Inc.: Cuolo Inc. is a massive fishing company, and single-handedly provides close to 1/3rd of the entire nation's food supplies. They have a massive fleet of thousands of fishing boats, all varying in size. They provide plentiful amounts of fish at good prices, though the government has had to step in several times to prevent them from absorbing smaller fishing companies. The CEO has also been brought to court for paying off politicians in exchange for bills easing certain regulations on Cuolo. The CEO was found innocent.

Felian Corp.: Felian Corp. - often shortened to "Fel-Co" - is an aircraft manufacturer. They make products for the commercial and government sectors, and are one of the most profitable businesses in The Independent Sarfaenian People. They only make large, multi-engine aircraft like commercial airliners or long-range strategic bombers, however their CEO has stated that they will be submitting an attack aircraft prototype airframe for the competition stage of ISP Air Force's "Roaring Skies" program. The competition is set to take place about six months.

Harfelp Solutions: Harfelp Solutions is a fairly small company, dead-set on developing modern, top-of-the-line equipment and vehicles for The Independent Sarfaenian People's extremely under-equipped Army (when compared to the other branches.) Most of their designs have failed thus far, however they are steadily improving with each passing year. It is likely that they will eventually score a contract with the ISP Army, and oust the company currently supplying Army.

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