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Central Socialist Bank of Taipey (CSBT)

This dispatch is carried out after several meetings led by the Central Committee of the United Socialist Party of Taipey, where there were representations from institutions such as: the Ministerial Council, the Presidential Council of the Interior,the Socialist Congress of Taipey and all the ministries of the nation is approved resolution 13/25 which sets forth the creation of the Central Socialist Bank of Taipey (CSBT).

Institution Created:
-Banco Central Socialista de Taipey

Function of the Institution:
-This financial institution will have the duty to carry out the economic controls of the nation, it is the only institution authorized to issue the official currency in the Taipey People's Republic, it will be in charge of the payment of debts, bank deposits, financial transactions, among others attributions for which a ministerial rank is granted.

Headquarters in Taipey:
-This institution will have a headquarters in building # 14 of the Taipey government district, the 45 floors that this building has will be considered property of the institution. This institution will have sub-offices throughout all the regions and cities of Taipey.

Fund Control and Financing:
-This institution has at its disposal all the funds and budget of the state of Taipey.

Economic Support for the issuance of taipynes:
-Currently it has a gold backing that will increase as possible, something that ensures that there can be no type of monetary inflation and that the currency does not devalue.

International Situation:
-This institution has access to all countries in the world, with the capacity to sign agreements, reserve funds from nations and carry out international financial transactions.

President of the Central Socialist Bank of Taipey: Junior Posada.

Sign this agreement and approve:

Julio Aztiu Popular President of Taipey, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the United Socialist Party of Taipey.