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Parties of Woopa

Nice Party
Ideology: Democratic Socialism, Eco-Socialism, Egalitarianism, Left-wing
Seats in the House of NICE: 27/60
Leader: Jonathan Joy
Leader's Seat: Woopaville East
International Affiliation: Socialist International

Party of the Woopans
Ideologies: Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, Third Way, Big Tent (De Jure) Centre-left to Centre-right (de-facto)
Seats in the House of NICE: 20/60
Leader: Anthony Airson
Leader's Seat: Woopsa Town
International Affiliation: International Democrat Union

Woopa Party
Ideologies: National Conservatism, Woopan Nationalism, Right-wing Populism, Right-wing to Far-right
Seats in the House of NICE: 7/60
Leader: George Gathron
Leader's Seat: Woopaville-On-The-Lake
International Affiliation: None

Green Party of Woopa
Ideologies: Green Politics, Environmentalism, Eco-feminism, Centre-left
Seats in the House of NICE: 3/60
Leader: Anna Aswell
Leader's Seat: Harkeal City North
International Affiliation: Global Greens

Woopan Communist-Worker's Party
Ideologies: Communism, Marxism, Eco-socialism, Left-wing to Far-left
Seats in the House of NICE: 2/60
Leader: Jack Jex
Leader's Seat: Woopaville North-Woopaville Meadows
International Affiliation: International Meeting of Communist and Worker's Parties

Liberal Party of Woopa
Ideologies: Liberalism, Green Liberalism, Social Liberalism, Centre
Seats in the House of NICE: 1/60
Leader: Hannah Hailey
Leader's Seat: Harkeal City South
International Affiliation: Liberal International