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by The People's Republic of Taipey. . 4 reads.

Creation of the Fiji Special Development and Investment Zone (ZEDIF)

This legal document records the creation and commissioning of the Fiji Special Development and Investment Zone (ZEDIF).

ZEDIF Foreign Investment Law:

Clause # 1: Investment will only be allowed within the ZEDIF in Fiji.

Clause # 2: The joint ventures must have state capital of not less than 50% of their shares and foreign capital of not more than 49% of the shares.

Clause # 3: Transactions will be made through the Central Socialist Bank of Taipey

Clause # 4:All the nations of the world will have the right to invest

Clause # 5: The ZEDIF Investment Department will be created as a special entity subordinate to the Ministry of Industry

According to clause # 5 of the Foreign Investment Law for the ZEDIF, the ZEDIF Investment Department is created with a special rank led by Mr. Felix Artur as Director of the ZEDIF Investment Department.

Investment Portfolio:


This sector would be an excellent investment opportunity as an automobile brand would be created to be developed and produced in Taipey and the investment partner. This investment would be in charge of the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and the foreign partner. The shares would be distributed to 50.5% for Taipey and 49.5% for the foreign part.

Investment Contracts:

-Foreign Investment Contract # 1 in the Fiji Special Development and Investment Zone (ZEDIF)

-Foreign Investment Contract # 2 in the Fiji Special Development and Investment Zone (ZEDIF)

Projects in Execution:
-Construction of a hydroelectric plant called HidroPower S.A.

Finished projects:
- Medilif S.A Medicines and Supplies Production Plant

The Fiji Special Development and Investment Zone (ZEDIF) is established.