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Zenaguria Economy

Zenaguria is home of some corporate headquarters of 500 fortune companies, some of whom include {Redacted}, {Redacted}, {Redacted}, and {Redacted}, giving the economy of the nation an extremely diverse range of options in the foreign market. The nation is a high technology center, with its capital city being a major global financial center, and home to the largest futures exchange and information technology in the north pacific. When the Zenaguria aquired {redacted}, it gained control of the {redacted}, which was a subsidary of {redacted}. This gave Zenaguria leverage on {redacted}, and made the city too important of an international market center to harm by foreign Armed Forces, and building up the legitimacy of the government of Zenaguria.

Zenaguria has long been a producer of significant quantities of {redacted} and industrial capital goods. Such is Zenaguria dynamic economic ventures . The nation itself has been able to weather almost any threat to its economic development, and has become one of the major economic centers of the north pacific simply because of the fact that it is too important to region economic stability in the north pacific, meaning what happens in Zenaguria will by principle, affect north pacific as a whole, thus giving Zenaguria leverage over some of the world's largest economies too. By adjusting the value of the C-Credit, Zenaguria has been able to keep the currencies of some north pacific nation under its power.