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Utopian Oligarchs

The Utopian Oligarchs

The Utopian Oligarchs are a group of companies who hold large power in the government. Back when Francisco Kingsley staged his famous Honorite coup he needed support, and so he leaned on the nation’s largest companies. As a result, the current Honorite government is dominated by these corrupt oligarchs.

FourSeasons Oil

CEO: Manuel Rico
Net Worth: 19.7 billion Evirías


The End of Autarky
Opening up Trade

Monopoly Laws & Restrictions

FourSeasons Oil is the largest oil company in Usnistan and one of the largest in the world. It is extremely competitive due to its vast access to almost unlimited oil. However, the company was hurt under Victoria Lopez’s rule and hopes Francisco Kingsley will reopen the economy faster.

Secure Mechanical & Electrical

CEO: Carlos Cruz
Net Worth: 12.4 billion Evirías


Electrical Investment
Rapid Technological Growth
Low Tariffs

High Taxes
Worker Unions
Short-Term Gain

Secure Mechanical & Electrical is the largest electrical company in the HUR and very large throughout Usnistan. The company is the go-to electrical company and is home to top-tier engineers.