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Magical Tools

This is a list of tools and items that are used in Ilthenia's study of the arcane.

A Lifestone is a rare artifact, often owned by Nobles, Lords, Royalty, or those with a powerful grip on magic. They appear as white, palm-sized stones, which are entirely unique in their shape and texture, other than color, no two Lifestones are unique, as they represent the life pattern of their owner, and the sacrifice required to obtain one.

Lifestones are not able to be found in the physical realm, and so must be artificed. The creation of a Lifestone requires only one thing, and one thing only, that being a living soul of a sapient creature. A lifestone is created when a person dies with a strong, positive emotion towards another person, be it love or a desire to protect them. When this happens, the person's soul is refined by this emotion, taking physical form and being ejected out of the body. The resulting Lifestone, then, is connected to the person it was meant for, developing a strong psychic connection. A Lifestone, being the soul of a person, then, is technically alive, its strong connection to its user, allowing the user to simply "know" the emotions of their stone. Lifestones can be spoken to, and generally mimic the personality of the person it was made from.

Lifestones are useful magical artifacts, in the sense that they can enhance one's magical abilities, or give entirely new ones. They can also activate dormant artifacts, and refine alchemical processes. This is done by rubbing the stone, which then produces a beautiful note that is heard in both the ears and mind. the Timbre of a Lifestone, in other words, awakens the dormant magic within something. However, it can only truly be used by it's owner, otherwise, the timbre becomes corrupted,and refuses to function. Lifestones can be shattered, but this does not release the soul, nor stop it's function, simply unusable until it is repaired. The only true way to permanently destroy a Lifestone, and to release the soul within, is to melt it down using acid or high temperatures. This is usually done after the owner passes away.

A Lifestone, in it's base form, is weak, and as such must be refined by carving it into a perfected form, this is done by its user, whom immediately knows the perfect form for their stone, due to the soul within telling them such, and guiding them throughout the process. Once refined, a Lifestone can take many forms, with the most common one being a symbol, or the shape of an animal.

Lifestones are most commonly loved ones, and the ownership of one is a sign that something terrible has happened in one's life, as such, the creation of one is both mourned and celebrated.

A hotrock, to put things simply, is a commonly found gemstone that is large, and colored red, with star-like patches of metallic substance within it. hotrocks are special in that they are used everywhere, households, magical laboratories, forges, and even hostels. This is due in part to a hotrock's extraordinary ability to convert energy into heat, and store it for long periods of time.

A hotrock is activated by transferring energy into the rock itself, be it the energy output from a magical spell, or simply heat transfer from another hotrock. The stone will glow red, which gets brighter as more energy is placed into the rock. Said energy is then outputted in the form of heat, which allows a hotrock a great deal of versatility, especially in a country of cold-blooded individuals. Hotrocks are used to heat beds, baths, and can be an efficient replacement for coal, as the spell "Heat Metal" works especially well on Hotrocks. They are also carried by members of the guard, providing an efficient means of warming up by using the soldier's own movement as energy for the rock. In terms of magical use, a Hotrock can be used to heat ingredients for alchemy.

One must be careful to not over-do it, however, as overheating a hotrock will make it unusable for its task until it cools down, which can take hours on end. Hotrocks are fairly tough in terms of durability, but if they break while they are still hot, they will violently explode.

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