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by The Rep˙blica de Honor of The Holy Utopian Republic. . 75 reads.

Treaty of Nuevo Puerto

Treaty of Nuevo Puerto

The coalition of nations, consisting of:
  • The Holy Utopian Republic

  • Shavara

  • Gran yucanoa

  • Osterreich und Ungarn

  • Kampf Empire

    Hereby invade Levantin in the name of counter-terrorism and the continuation of Unistani peace.

  • The Treaty of Nuevo Puerto hereby states the following:

  • The western territories highlighted in red will be given to the HUR

  • Two northern port cities will be distributed among The Holy Utopian Republic and Kampf Empire.

  • The current regime will step down and free elections will be held (With the ruling regime being banned from said elections).

  • Levantin will enter into a 5 year NAP with all nations involved.

  • The Levantin army will be limited to 45,000 personnel

  • The Levantin navy shall be limited to 15 vessels

  • The Levantin Air Force shall be limited to 45 aircraft.

  • Utopian and Ístarian companies shall be allowed to freely extract oil for the duration of the treaty. Ístarian and Utopian companies will be allowed to station guards to defend said oil.

  • Levantin will be under joint protection from the coalition to prevent any nation from exploiting them.

  • The treaty will be in affect for 8 years. All annexed territory & port cities will remain with that nation forever.

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