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Vote Against SC resolution Condemn Ravana

Security Council Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Condemn Ravana
Vote Recommendation: Against

Resolution Analysis
"Condemn ravana" is a poorly-thought-out and reactionary proposal that fails to give adequate reasoning towards a condemnation. The author is an officer in the region of Lasagna, which ravana supposedly "incited war" against. As such, it can only be presumed that the proposal was written with the sole intent of humiliating ravana, or similar. In this proposal, which solely focuses on hostilities against one region, much of the language is clunky and confusing to the point where what actually happened is difficult to discern. This does not seem to be a significant matter, and rather a minor dispute not worthy of the Security Council's time. All in all, it does not make a convincing argument for condemnation. These issues may have been able to be pointed out, had the author decided to undergo drafting for the proposal, but they decided not to, and instead submitted and resubmitted their proposal until it was legal - but not necessarily good.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against the at-vote Security Council proposal, "Condemn ravana."

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