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by The Potato-Poet of The Salaxalans. . 81 reads.

Second Fry at the Bottom of the Bag Election

My fellow potatoes, it is that time again! Time to elect a FRY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG!!! Legendus has served nobly in this role for the past two months but now it is time for some DEMOCRACY! All nations in Spiritus are welcome to run. This position comes with no power, just the title. But who needs more than a fancy title, when it comes down to it? Not me, that's for sure! If you are interested in running, make a post on the RMB clearly stating so and mentioning me, The Salaxalans, and you will be added to the list.

Voting will begin in one week on August 1st!

Once you're on the list, feel free to begin campaigning wildly, through RMB posts, dispatches, door-to-door leaflets, anything you can think of. But most importantly: HAVE FUN!

1. Haremm
2. Potato Dog