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Optimized Raiding (To the best of my ability)

This guide is optimized around base LinkBreeze++, as it's the most advanced easily accessible public script available at the moment. If you have another script, most things should function identically with different keybinds substituted in. This guide is intended for those with an already moderate grasp on how to update. Chrome should be your default browser.

This part is largely unecessary; your speed at prepping has virtually no effect on anyone but you. If you prefer a different method, feel free to use it.

You'll want to start out with a two tab configuration—one for WA and one for the jump point. Lily's is The Allied Nations of Egalaria.

Apply to the WA. You can do this by pressing ' twice on Breeze.

Switch tabs and press M to move into the region

Go back to the first tab and just change the number after your puppet to switch to the next. If your default nation is wrong, just check the "Stay logged in" box and log in.

Repeat the process. When you move your puppet back into the JP, just click on the region link to go back.

We start with the standard splitscreen configuration. Which side is which doesn't really matter, so long as you keep it consistent to build muscle memory. At all times keep the Gmail tab open; it serves to prevent you from accidentally closing the window.

If you're running with a very fast team (e.g. Lily), you'll want to do a bit of prep work beforehand. With Gmail keybinds, opening many WA tabs at once is simple. Hover your mouse over the confirmation link, middle click, and press K to cycle to your next email. This allows you to open multiple confirmation links in the span of a second.

Click on the rightmost WA confirmation tab; now you're set to update. Reg t1 or speak up.
Don't mind the lack of tabs

Confirm, and you're off to the races.

The point will post a link. Be prepared for it at all times, and keep your mouse hovered over where it would be. Click it as soon as it pops up, and DO NOT MOVE YOUR MOUSE.

Spam your endorse keybind (E on Breeze++) when the tab opens to endorse as fast as possible.

As soon as you see the Nationstates page refreshing, click on Discord to refocus, and send t. You do not have to click in the message box, your typing will automatically go there.

Click on the link, and spam your move keybind (M on Breeze++). The difference between a hit and a miss is often gated by mere milliseconds.

Refresh the page until you see the "Last WA Update" field change. Resign as quickly as possible, using ' ' and then enter. Close all unecessary tabs by holding down control and pressing W three times. Confirm your next email, move your mouse back over to discord, and repeat.

If you've gotten to the point where the only thing limiting your speed is how fast the pages load, you can cut page load times by turning of images in your settings. This probably isn't necessary for most people

The Will of The Chariot