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by The Corvus Rčjk of Porymonia. . 51 reads.

the creatures of Porymonia

Since the explosian of Phiadeval, the Porymonians have brought some of their animals from Ariban to the mainland, the are directly connected to the hive. they have a exo skeleton made from a metal called Beacomite and their insides are made out of a red protecting tissue which is grown withon farms on Aribon

considous Soulgod
has a lengt of 3 meters. it is humanoid and is the most important specie. they have a antimatter gun and a laser gun under their arms making them good for combat. they have a population of 23 million

Caracus wingflitter
it is a flying creature with a lenth of 3 meters. it is equiped with a central anti-matter gun and two side lasers. it is mostly used for cargo transport and patrolling the lands. they have a population of 209 million

a tall pig like beast, standing up 2,5 metrs and having a lenth of 5 meters. it has large tusk capable of destroying a lot of things. they have a population of 3 million

a smaller dog like creature. excellent searchers capable of finding an organism in over a 150 km radius. they have a population of 6 million

Considous wingflitter
a bigger version of it's sister Caracus, with a length of 50 meters and a arrsenal of 6 antimatter guns, two lasers and multiple devensive systems. it has a population of 12 million

corvus mechanicus
looks exactly like a crow, yet is a robot from the inside. films 24/7 and is mostly used for spying. the have a population of 40 million

Alvus beetle
a small insect with extremely high speeds. can be used to send messages. has an unkown population

Beletus insectacus
a flying insect the size of a wasp which has a stinger which can be filled with various poisons or substances. they have a population of 140 million

Anta agon
is a ant like colony builder which is used for torture. a colony is placed inside a human and they will slowly start to eat the flesh, bringing immense pain, but keeping the human alive