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Rising sun storyline

Essentially a bunch of rp posts, which might make a decent storyline by the end.

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:Random RP post cause I'm bored

Montgomery sighs as he walks down the corridor, the white and gray painting on the walls, shining bright, making the place feel clinical even. He stops for a second to think

He is not here for the most pleasant of missions, but he must do as he must do. He continues walking, before stopping off at the door he had been told to meet his contact in.

He knocks twice before walking in

"Hello George"


He nods in acknowledgement of his contact. He hadn't known rosa wingate for long, but he did know she was particular about her timing.

"You're late"

"Only by a minute or two"

"Late is late"

"Oh bugger off. So what do you have for me today?"

"Nothing much really, just the old stuff, lots of new files on the aftermath of the revolution, but nothing specifically during it"

"Then why call me for this meeting?"

"Becuause I think they might now I'm a mole"

Ah. ****. he had not been expecting this necessarily, but he had prepared for it. She was more of a risk then a help to him now.

"Okay... Hmmm this isn't great"

He calmly reaches into a pocket, and extracts a needle.

"Well yes, but I think if I can throw up enou-"

suddenly, she drops to the floor

"Uhhh... W-what have you d-done to me?"

He stands above her, holding the needle in his hand

"Sorry Ro, you're more of a liability now. Our partnership was... Enjoyable. I have already forged your suicide note, see you on the other side."

"Yo-you can't do this to me"

"I'm afraid I can. It's nothing personal. Just good buisness."

She rolls over, and emits a final gasp, before sinking lifeless.

He calls his mercenaries, hoping they can cleanup this unsavoury encounter.

"I will sadly have to continue my quest to bring down wavell without you. Many regrets miss wingate."

He leaves the room, and adjusts his beret. He will accomplish his mission no Matter what it takes. He will be the hero of this nation

Three hours pass

Rosa wakes up. She is tied to a chair in a warehouse.

"Huh? Where am I? What happened?"

A man opposite her looks at her and smiles.

"It's all gonna be alright luv, just bear with us for a minute. I'm John by the way and this is Cameron, but everyone calls him cam."

He points to the man standing next to him

"Wh-why am i here?"

"All will be explained in good time, just back to sleep now."

"Huh? No! Get away from m-mpppphhh"

He knocks her out, and she is asleep in the chair once again

This is relatively poor quality, but eh. Hope I actually go somewhere with this, unlike my other storyline that went nowhere,

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:Second rp post go brrrrrr

The room is hazy, and rosa can't see much. She slowly awakens, and looks up. She is no longer tied to the chair, but still in the same warehouse. The two guys she saw before they knocked her out again, are standing talking to each other over by a vending machine.

"Hey what the hell is this?"

"Oh **** she's awake"

"Wait what?"

"Hey, hey, hey. We got a bit of explaining to do don't we?"

"Oh yeah, a hell load"

She looks at the two men suspiciously, and keeps herself guarded

"So basically right... We need your help. We know monty is trying to overthrow wavell, and we need to stop that from happening. But we have a problem. If we tell wavell, the mole, you obviously, you'll have told monty, and the plan would have been off. So, now that you're here, all should be fine now right? Apparently not. We are having problems proving he is trying to overthrow wavell, he managed to burn a lot of our physical evidence, but our digital evidence is kept in a USB stick, in wavells office. That's why we need you."

"... So you need me... To steal something... To prove that the guy that tried to kill me is a ****wad? I mean, I would usually be in, but you guys sound crazy."

The other guy finally speaks up

"Yeah, I know we sound crazy, but he just tried to kill you for goodness sakes. You know how far he will go to accomplish his goals."

"Wait... How am I not dead?"

"A good story, for another time. Now, will you help us bring this bas**** down or not?"

"... I guess? I'm still not sure that this is your best way ahead, but if you guys think your plan will work, sure I'm in"

"Well, let's get to work then"

Well, there goes another chapter, in the confusing mess that is this storyline, don't worry, it will get more interesting, and things will actually happen, and I might even mention a few nations, because yes.

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:Okay, imma be selfish, and interrupt everyone's talking with the third rp post

West larchian sea, near Christmas Island
Admiral O'Connell stands on his bridge. At the age of 72, many men his age would be considering retirement relatively soon, or even more likely would have retired years ago. O'Connell was not one of these men. He would stand proudly at his bridge till the day he died, and as long as his country needed him.


The voice breaks Liam's chain of thoughts, and he looks around to see a new communications officer, Jenny? Jackie? Something like that. She looks winded

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, sir, sorry sir. It's just a message has just come in from ft. Charlie."

"As in the ft. Charlie that was destroyed ten years ago?"

"Yes sir"

"Well, somethings clearly gone wrong"

"Well yes sir. That would seem the case. The message reads:
'09375 initiate plan mercury'. it was addressed to you sir does this mean anything to you?"

What the? Plan Mercury? Either Alex is playing a very unamusing practical joke on him, or something has gone terribly wrong.

"No... They don't. Helmsman? I think it's time we took a trip to ft. Charlie. I want to get to the bottom of this."

"Yes sir"

The communications woman rushes away, while the 'kayla' gets ready to get itself on the move. Liam deeply ponders this new development. Plan Mercury? Only four people know about plan Mercury, and one of them is dead. However, that number, it confuses him. It doesn't match any of their codes. He has to get to ft. Charlie as quickly as possible, and maybe whoever he finds there, can give him his answer

Ruins of ft. Charlie, Christmas Island

Rosa had been waiting for about an hour now, and she was p***ed. they had promised to be back 'in just a minute' after they had contacted the admiral, and 'initiated plan Mercury' whatever that meant. She was starting to doubt the trustworthiness of these two, but, she must try her best. Then she sees something massive eclipse the ruins. The larchian navy has arrived

unknown location

"Sir the 'kayla' is on the move"

Monty looks up to address the sudden interruption. He frowns, and walks over to look at the board.

"Ft. Charlie? What is that crazy b****ard doing? This can't be good"

He begins to look as the aircraft carrier moves towards Christmas Island

"Hmmmm... Monitor this, and notify me of any new developments. I need to talk to the others about this"

And with that, monty leaves the room, slamming the door behind him

I hope this one is better than the last one, if this seems like I'm copying Kathol a bit, believe me, I'm not, my story will branch in a very different direction, but that doesn't matter, tell me what you think.

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:Time for RP post no. 4. Hopefully this one is actually interesting.

Ft. Charlie, Christmas Island

Cameron Myers had been in the army for a very long time, and he knew, that if an aircraft carrier showed up to your discreet meeting point, something had gone horribly wrong.

"What the hell is he doing?"

"No f***ing clue"

Cameron looks at his partner John, standing there, starstruck as himself. But their moment of peace doesn't last long, and Cameron isn't really even surprised when he looks down to see a grenade by his foot. He sighs

"Get down!"

He pulls John to the ground, as the explosion shakes the earth, and the dust flies up into the air. He is coughing as he stands up, and breathes a sigh of relief, only too look down at John.

"Oh sweet Jesus John"

The grenade was clearly of the frag variant, and he could see the chunks of metal sticking out of johns back, where he had protected him from the fatal explosion. But he didn't even have a second to contemplate the death of his close friend, as gunfire erupted around him, and he ran, ducking for cover, among the ruins

Bridge of the ULS 'kayla' ft. Charlie

Captain Ryan want sure about the admirals orders. He knew the man was supposedly a great naval leader, and even at his great age, still very mentally strong, but the captain was starting to have doubts. When the new officer came in, to give the admiral a glimpse of the honestly unimportant, and clearly useless transmission. But even after claiming that it meant nothing to him, the admiral still set us on a seemingly random course. Now, he planned to go down, with four guards, to inspect the 'ruins. Well, maybe if the old fool gets himself killed, then he might get promoted to admiral. Admiral Ryan... Sounds amazing. And these were the thoughts I was thinking, before everything wemg dark

Ft. Charlie, Christmas Island

Rosa had not seem what would come next at all... She had seen the aircraft carrier, and thought not too much of it. But what happened next shocked her. The world suddenly seemed on fire. Nearby, gunfire and grenades lit up the ruins, while a massive explosion imploded the bridge

"What the actual frick is happening?"

She began to run into the first, determined to get nearer to the aircraft carrier, but she was stopped in her tracks, by a soldier wearing black armour. Black armour? What th- and then he slammed his pistol but into her head knocking her too the ground... Well she thought, not much can be worse than watching John eat, so she should be fine

ULS 'kayla', Christmas Island

Ray Johnson, and served upon his ship for ten years, and he expected to serve for much longer than that, however, in all his years of experience, he had never seen such disarray. The flight deck was scrambling fighters, the ship seemed to be entirely on fire, and sporadic gunfire was breaking out across the ship. He meanwhile, kept his head down, and did his job. Nothing was going to stop him, nothing at all

Ft, Charlie, Christmas Island

O'Connell could only watch in disbelief as the bridge of his beautiful ship, burst into flame. He could do nothing but watch... His guards were around him, fighting off enemies Liam couldn't see. The man looked at his old revolver.

"If I can't go down on my bridge, i die with my gun in my hand... Arggghhh!"

He charged in after his men, ready to face his maker

Unknown, Unknown

Alex sat in his chair, relaxing, he did not expect much to happen that day. Not much ever happened, but today, he had a visitor. He was quite confused at first, but when he opened the door he was shocked, and all made sense

"Hey Alex, we have a lot to talk about"

And the ex-general let the head of the larchian army into his house

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:Time for my obligatory daily RP post. I believ this is no. 5? Idrk at this point. Time to continue this mess of a storyline.

Unknown, unkown

Green carefully studied the man sitting opposite him. From his pristine uniform, to his short brown hair, and his intrusive eyes, everything about him seemed different to his predecessor. That being green himself of course

"Here of all places Alex? Here?"

"Well the intention was that no one would ever find me, but clearly that's failed."

"Don't do yourself dirty, it was very hard to find you, you tucked yourself nice and far away from the rest of the nation"

His small home around him is messy, but also has an air of cleanness, a sort of just simpleness that makes it seem Plain and never really thought about why he had two chairs. No one ever visited him... It's not like this happened often. But yet here a person was, right in front of him.

"Not the most glamorous of lives for an ex-field Marshall"

"I always preferred being general green to field marshal green, but I digress. Let's just ditch the small talk, and get onto what's really important. Hey are you here?"

"Well, I wanted to meet you of course"

"Ha ha ha. I'm laughing my head off. Really, Claude, why are you here?"

"Something very bad is happening."

"... What?"

"Well to start with, there's a plot going about to depose wavell, and kill all of the high up generals, a few small revolts, a quite large rebellion, multiple defectors in the army, and to top it all off, the special forces have gone rogue, and a bomb just went off at the bridge of the 'kayla'"

"The 'kayla'! Is Liam alright?"

"We don't know. We don't know much at all. A distress signal was sent out, and we have ships sent out to assist the crippled vessel, but the situation is very strange"

"Well, this all seems like very hard stuff to deal with, but what do you want from me?"

"Well, first we need you to take command of the army"

"Wait what! I can't do that. I'm retired for goodness sakes!"

"Alex. We need you. The nation is in dissarry. We need a leader, someone who no one can oppose."



"I-I'm sorry Claude. I can't help you. My fighting days are over... I'm sorry."

The general looks down in great sadness

"Well, I tried. I'll see you on the other side Alex"

Green sadly salutes Claude as he walks to the door

"Goodbye general auchinleck"

"Goodbye Alex"

Green Is biting his fingernails, thinking about his decision... I can't. No he can. He must.

"Claude wait!"

And the general turns around smiling.

"The boat is waiting by the harbour, we'll leave at ten to three. Bye for now."

Green sighs, and walks back into his small hut, ready to pack for the journey ahead.