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the Corvus system

the Corvus system is a solar system claimed by Porymonia. it is 9 lightyears away and 4 lightyears from the Luhman-16 system. the system contains 3 planets going under the name Tun Chio, Tevs and Frsus. it also has a dwarf planet called Huples Corvus also has 2 astroid belts called the Salvo belt and the sun belt. the system has one star called Corvus I. the star is 2 times as hot as the sun and is around 1,7 times the size of it. the system will be protected by an shield which is being researched by Porymonian scientists and plans are made for a new hyperdrive lane which will only work on Porymonian ships.
Tun Chio
diameter: 10.834 km
type: rock
temperature: 23 ℃
moons: Gerali, Takotu
population: 220 million
livebillity: very good
diameter: 59.321 km
type: gas
temperature: 165 ℃
moons (biggest): Witsburg, Jordon III, Omdar, Krystalstone
population: 6700
livebillity: unbareable
diameter: 7.459 km
type: rock
temperature: 230 ℃
moons: Heiti
population: 67.000
livebillity: bad
diameter: 4.800 km
type: rock
temperature: 22 ℃
moons: none
population: 500 million
livebillity: excellent