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by The Potato-Poet of The Salaxalans. . 84 reads.

Third Fry at the Bottom of the Bag Election

Fresh on the heels of our miraculous second place in N-Day, it's time for a new Fry at the Bottom of the Bag election! The position that comes with nothing but the name! An easy job, a cool title, who wouldn't want to run? Haremm has held the position these past two months and done a great job, but democracy beckons so here we are. If you are interested in running, please make a post on the RMB clearly stating your intention to run and also mentioning me, The Salaxalans, so that I see your statement.

Voting will begin in one week on October 7th! Once you've announced that you are running, feel free to campaign however you want, via RMB posts, dispatches, potato parcels, anything you can think of. Best of luck!

1. Rivers rivera
2. Baked potato land
3. Baked potates
4. Ltin Corporation
5. Dootdootdootlydoot