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News Paper

-= New Pjaars News =-

translated: English, version: 0329, print date: 11-G-336, print location: NP-8L-45S-N141

Article 01: Problem Solved
Last week head Dootsgzaar Gregnock Dootsgzaar has revealed the Contract of Midpath. after a meeting with President Cvert from Haivon and the Speechman from Zaberaz Hapang. the meeting was about the
growing number of traiters moving to these two nations. studies have shown that atleast half a million traitors have moved to these 2 nations. after some talking it was decided that the two nations will send the traitors will be send back to the fatherland where they will be excecuted. in return the Coalistic empire will give them money. we give these 2 nations ʠ30- for every traitor they bring in. it has been proven effective with 100.000 traitors being brought in.

Gregnock Dootsgzaar has given a speech over the, now solving, traitor problem. all citizens of New Pjaars, we may have solved the biggest problem. but traitors are still on the loose, in the world, in Porymonia, in the city and maybe even in your household. look out for them and if you find any, report it to the court, we want to keep the nation pure and without your actions we won't succeede. Gregnock said while giving his speech. we hope that the citizens of New Pjaars will forfill their duty and report traitors. the Soulgodian order will be busy making other contracts like Contract Midpath to get more of the traitors to the place where they belong.

Article 02: nuclear Winderdak
The Soulgodian order has accounced that two nukes succesfully hit two cities of the Winderdak Republic. it were 2 class II nukes and they were launched from the Maladon Nuclear park. the two cities that got nuked were the cities of Hlv and Frdac. Hlv was located in the Drm valley, due to thte nuke the valley collapsed destroying Prunges. one of 2 km of height and one of 800 meters. the city was connected to a trade route of the Winderdak republic and it is impossible to travel thruw the area area now, which cuts most trades from suspectlocation-089. Frdac on the other hand was a bigger city of the Winderdak republic located on mount Fars. it was suspected to be the center of a large region of the Winderdak republic and destroying this city will lead to the region getting unstable. There are 203.000 estimeted, with 170.000 in Frdoc and 33.000 in Hlv.

tommorow another nuke will be launched at the city of Gerald. the destruction of that city will lead to the completion of the black barrier and in will create a clear path to the underground city of Y. the city is probably the rebellions capital so annexing it could mean scarring Winderdak perminantly. it could leave Winderdak for a powergrab and it could destroy most of their ecomy. seperating regions from each other due to a tunnel system connecting the city to most likely other cities. this tunnel system could also mean we can get troops quickly to other strongpoints in the Winderdak republic.

article 03: friendly visit
the order needs you!

This is a friendly reminder for all of those under the age of 2. when you turn 2 years of existance you will be put in the military. if you want to train before your conscription starts, you are now able to aply at the new NP-training barracks. you will get military training there 3 hours a day to prepare for your conscription.

with this training you are also able to stay in the military for longer. you can extand you consription or make being a soldier your full time job. if you take soldier as your full time job you are able to become higher ranks like leutananth or general. if you are in the military for over 10 year and prove to be a good strategist you have a chance of getting in the SHC

Last week king Fasnot II, ruler of Fase, payed a visit to New Pjaars. he originally came for the opening of the worker's tower, a new skyscraper in New Pjaars. after the 2 hour opening he gave his compliments and decided to by some of the top floors in the building. the tower will create good air traffic for cargo ships due to it standing 3 kilometers high, peaking over it's neighbouring skyscrapers. this will provide a new trade route between Porymonia and Fase.

after the opening the king held talks with the minister of trade for new trade routes. the meeting concluded in Porymonia selling new metals to Fase. these include: steal, iron, platenium, gold and bronze. on the other hand Fase will sell Porymonia some of it's algarithms to help certain parts of the nation connect better with the outside world. the deal was quickly signed by both sides.

Porymonia - PNS - 336

The Corvus Rjk of Porymonia